The youth who voted for Obama by a 2-1 margin over McCain are increasingly skeptical of President Obama and are disillusioned with his leadership abilities.

According to Human Events commentator Jason Mattera, a Harvard poll shows that only 46% of voters under 30 now approve of Obama’s job performance. In fact, 36% of young voters don’t believe Obama will win reelection.

In addition, 52% of “millennials” think our country is “off on the wrong track.”

According to John Della Volpe, who is the polling director at the Harvard Institute of Politics has stated: “This survey may well serve as an ominous sign for Barack Obama’s 2012 chances, and the political engagement of America’s largest generation.”

Mattera writes:

Now that the rose has wilted on the Obama love affair, it’s an opportune time for the GOP candidates to bring home the message that liberalism is a torpedo aimed directly at the lives of the millions that make up the youth vote.

And there are millions of them, 35 million voters ages 18 to 29 to be exact.  It’s a base that Republicans best not ignore, for they are not only the voters of today, they are also the voters of tomorrow.

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