Hollywood liberal film director Kathryn Bigelow and screen writer Mark Boal have been given unprecedented access to intelligence information and Seal Team leaders who killed Osama bin Laden. Bigelow is producing a film on the killing of bin Laden – just in time to help Obama’s re-election bid.

The meeting between the filmmakers and the Department of Defense and CIA was arranged by The Glover Park Group, a Democrat-leaning advocacy firm headed up by a former Al Gore advisor.

Sony Pictures, which will produce the film and has distribution rights, recently held a fundraiser for Obama on its lot and raised $4 million for Obama’s re-election.

In short, Obama has provided liberals in Hollywood with sensitive information on the killing of bin Laden so Sony can produce a film that will help him get back into the White House for another four devastating years.

The film is an Obama re-election campaign video that will make him look like a strong Commander-in-Chief. Hopefully, most Americans will refuse to go see it – and will avoid being part of this thinly-disguised campaign donation to Obama’s coffers.

Where was Hollywood during the eight years of the Bush Administration, when our military was fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Where’s the Hollywood film on the courageous Seal Team 10 that was decimated in Afghanistan because the SEAL team leader made a decision not to kill an Afghan civilian who had discovered them? Marcus Luttrell tells this story in “Lone Survivor.”

When it’s a war that Hollywood disapproves of (most of them), the film makers will usually crank out films that only portray soldiers in combat as vicious killers who enjoy murdering children – or mentally disturbed crazies when they return home after serving a tour of duty.

The most recent film on the SEALS was “Act of Valor.” It had to be produced outside of the Hollywood liberal bubble by two former stunt men. Hollywood would not produce it.

Read more on Obama’s Hollywood campaign video at The Heritage Foundation.


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Of course, they do and will. Obama knows it was all a lie and done to gain support. I never know if Hollywood ever keeps up with Facts; but Osama Bin Laden died 11 yrs ago. The neighbors who lived close to the compound were laughing at the U.S. that we allowed him to fool us.

May 24, 2012 at 10:52 am

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