This week, the National Religious Broadcasters association testified on behalf of religious organizations in front of the US Senate opposing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA.

The group spoke in a hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee (HELP).

NRB insisted that ENDA stands opposed to the Constitution and the freedoms of Faith and Association it guarantees all of the American people, specifically claiming that the legislation would lead to a “chilling effect” in faith-based communities. Senate Democrats suggested that the NRB’s concern for religious liberty was a technical issue.

Craig Parshall, the Group’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel was the only individual opposed to ENDA in the hearing. Parshall said,

ENDA would impose a stunningly heavy constitutional burden on religious organizations and would interfere with their ability to pursue their mission…. Creating meaningful exemptions for religious organizations so that intrusive government regulations don’t collide with their First Amendment liberties is not a legislative prerogative, it is a constitutional mandate.”

Democrat Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa voiced strong support for the Act, S. 811, saying, “[ENDA] is something we need to pass and we need to pass as soon as possible.”

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act would create new rights for individuals based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity when it comes to employment.

Watch the hearing here.

This article was written by Staff for Christian Response Alerts

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