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    • Supreme Court refuses to block Texas abortion restrictions - 20 Nov 2013
      posted in Featured & Life

      The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to block controversial Texas abortion restrictions that have been called some of the strictest in the country and have led a dozen abortion clinics in the state to stop performing the procedure. The court by a 5-4 vote denied a request by Planned Parenthood to [...]

    • Gender Politics at Homecoming - 25 Sep 2013
      posted in SRN Radio

      A recent report in the Philadelphia Inquirer tells the story of the Western Pennsylvania school board that is reviewing a request by a biologically female transgender student who wants to appear on the ballot for homecoming king. I wouldn’t be surprised if your first thought is sympathy with the school [...]

    • Mum’s the Word on Divorce - 08 Aug 2013
      posted in Marriage & Family

      If I asked you to name the “hot button” social issues of concern to Christians, you’d probably cite abortion and gay marriage right away. Of course, the coarse and hyper-sexualized nature of popular culture might also come to mind. But what probably wouldn’t come to mind is the high incidence [...]

    • Court overturns murder dismissal in fetal deaths - 08 Aug 2013
      posted in Featured & Life & News

      The N.C. Court of Appeals said Tuesday a state judge erred in dismissing two first-degree murder counts against a man prosecutors say shot a woman who was five months pregnant, resulting in the loss of her unborn twins. The expectant mother survived. It was not immediately clear whether murder charges [...]

    • MPs: Abortions being carried out for cleft palates - 08 Aug 2013
      posted in Life & World

      Abortion laws should be urgently reviewed amid evidence that pregnancies are being terminated up until full term simply because of cosmetic flaws, according to a committee of MPs and peers. A parliamentary commission has concluded that the rules allowing foetuses to be aborted as late as 40 weeks on grounds [...]

    • Documents: IRS targeting of pro-life groups continues - 06 Aug 2013
      posted in Life & Politics & Government

      The Internal Revenue Service continues to target pro-life conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status despite pending investigations into the IRS targeting scandal, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller. The IRS’ infamous Cincinnati office, which handles applications from groups applying for tax-exempt nonprofit status, badgered pro-life groups for information [...]

    • DOJ Says Transgender Discrimination Is Sex Discrimination - 06 Aug 2013
      posted in Education & News & Sex

      This week the Justice Department entered into a settlement agreement with the Arcadia, Calif., school district to resolve an investigation into allegations of discrimination against a transgender student that was, the press release says, “based on the student’s sex.” The complaint that had been filed alleged that the district had prohibited the [...]

    • National Right to Life Committee disowns Cleveland chapter for defending marriage - 06 Aug 2013
      posted in Marriage & Family & News

      In a July 17th letter, the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) told Cleveland Right to Life (CRTL) that they must disassociate from the national group over CRTL’s criticism of Senator Rob Portman’s support for homosexual ‘marriage’, since the Senator has voted for pro-life legislation and is a sponsor of an [...]

    • San Antonio Proposal Could Bar Christians From City Council - 01 Aug 2013
      posted in Marriage & Family & Politics & Government

      Churches across San Antonio are expressing outrage over a proposed anti-discrimination law that would protect LGBT workers but would not provide a religious exemption and would effectively prohibit anyone who opposes homosexuality from holding public office or getting a city contract. The proposed change would add “sexual orientation” and “gender [...]

    • Is Religious Freedom a Second-Tier Right? - 30 Jul 2013
      posted in Church & State & Religion

      In an interview last week, Virginia Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) gave a chilling synopsis of the state of American religious freedom. He said that religious freedom is becoming a “second-tier” right in America. Forbes, who has been in Congress since 2001, founded the bipartisan Congressional Prayer Caucus in 2005. He [...]