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    • 6 Truths about Pornography
      The Bible is the “word of truth.” It’s mankind’s user manual. It’s the blueprint, even in suffering, for a joyful and fulfilled existence in this life, and an incomprehensibly glorious eternity in the next. The total truths and precepts inherent within the Judeo-Christian scriptures are both timeless and universally applicable [...]
    • Raising Children of Light in a Culture of Darkness
      “I do not want to drive across a bridge designed by an engineer who believed the numbers in structural stress models are relative truths.” – R.C. Sproul I was delighted to speak on Sunday at Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas. I joined that community of believers in celebrating the 25th [...]
    • Will You Live For Your Country?
      “My only regret in dying is that I have but one poor life to lose for my country.” – Capt. Nathan Hale’s last words before his execution in September 1776 after being captured by the British Headlines in America today are as follows: “Abortion Providers are Heroes” “‘Race charlatan’ Al Sharpton: He ‘Has [...]
    • Black America’s True Nemesis: Liberals, Not Zimmerman
      In the midst of all the racial hullabaloo stirred up by so-called advocates for black empowerment after the Zimmerman trail, guess who is really being harmed? Answer: Black America. All of you black pastors, black politicians and black celebs who have joined Sharpton and the MSM’s lynch mob to “get Zimmerman” [...]
    • Kindle Commercial Promotes Gay Marriage
      Kindle, Amazon’s hand-held device that rivals the iPad, is not just a “smart” device — it is now an agent for cultural change. A new commercial advertising the electronic tablet comes out in support of gay marriage. Is it too late to return the tablet that you got for your Birthday?
    • A Christian baker refuses to make cake for same-sex wedding and now faces charges
      The Oregon Department of Justice is investigating a complaint against a Christian baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding. Here’s what happened in a nutshell. A woman and her daughter came into Aaron Klein’s store requesting a wedding cake. When they told Klein that the [...]
    • Freedom to Marry, or Freedom to Spin?
      Four Talking Points to Expose a Common Myth 1. Are homosexuals being denied the freedom to marry? The simple answer is NO. Unless the object of one’s affection is a close relative, someone else’s spouse, or a young teen, law gives homosexuals the privilege of marrying another person right now. They [...]
    • WORLD: “the United States is a new mecca for parents who choose their baby’s sex “
      Some couples want a baby boy badly. So badly they’re willing to fly halfway around the world to get one. Destination? The United States. Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, director of The Fertility Institutes in Los Angeles and New York City, has for several years offered a fertility procedure allowing affluent couples to [...]
    • Chick-fil-A Chief: ‘We Support Biblical Families’
      Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy voiced his support for ‘Biblical families’ in one of his first interviews since his earlier comments caused controversy regarding gay marriage. Cathy told Atlanta TV station WXIA in an interview released Wednesday that families are important to “those of us who are concerned about being able to [...]
    • Obama’s policies have been a declaration of war on the middle class
      When Sen. John Kerry sought to unseat President George W. Bush eight years ago, journalist Thomas Frank thought he could help the challenger from Massachusetts. In a 2004 bestseller, What’s the Matter With Kansas?, Frank claimed Republicans were playing dirty tricks by leveraging cultural “wedge” issues to dupe voters in [...]
    • Story Claims Science Will Trump God
      In the West, Science was born in a monastery. Monks, in their pursuit to know God, committed themselves to the study of nature — God’s craftsmanship. Science then, from the beginning, was the investigation and discovery of natural law — which is, as our forefathers called it, “the law of [...]
    • What’s missing from pro-gay marriage TV ads? Gays
      MINNEAPOLIS — In one TV ad, a husband and wife talk fondly of a lesbian couple who moved into their neighborhood. In another, a married couple speaks of wanting fair treatment for their lesbian daughter. A third features a pastor talking supportively about gay unions. Each of these ads ran recently [...]
    • Tim Kaine: ‘I Would Be Fine’ With Homosexual Marriage
      Former Virginia Governor and current Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine said he would “be fine” with state legislatures changing the definition of marriage to include gay couples during a debate on Sept. 20. Kaine, in a tight race with former Republican Senator and Governor George Allen, said that “everybody” should have [...]
    • Indiana Woman Wants to Marry Her Pet Dog – Tries to Rally Support From Gay Rights’ Activists
      Cassandra White of Northern Indiana has petitioned her local government to allow her to marry her dog Brutus.  White has sent several letters to gay rights activists to help her lead the march to stop discrimination against her and those like her who should get to “marry whomever they want”.  [...]
    • Morning Brief: September 21
      Did Chick-fil-a Cave? After enjoying the most successful day in the history of the restaurant business, one might think it’s a little strange for Chick-fil-a to now succumb to pressure from the very tolerance mob patriots across the country helped them defeat. But that’s just what this story in the right-leaning [...]
    • The Godless Democrats
      …I’m more worried about the “home team” than the Dems. For years Americans have been living large, to a great extent — since the 50′s and 60′s — our nation has lived life without having to think about God. This historically, distinct Christian nation has lost its bearings, its [...]
    • Resident Evil: the MSM
      OK, so I am watching a CNN panel discussion about Romney’s acceptance speech. Christine O’Donnell was on the panel. The CNN host said that Romney’s speech and our side was, in essence, calling the Democrats communist. O’Donnell explained that we are not calling them communist, but [...]
    • Non-Physicians Allowed to Perform Abortions in California
      SACRAMENTO, Calif., Sept. 4, 2012 — The California Senate voted last week to pass a bill allowing non-physicians to perform aspiration abortions. Senate Bill 623, introduced by Christine Kehoe (D-San Diego), extends a program run by the University of California, San Francisco, in which nurse practitioners, [...]
    • “Controversial” Pray for Obama Sign Removed
      “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech …” says the First Amendment to the Constitution. Yet, it doesn’t say communities can’t complain. Milton Neitsch, Jr. posted a billboard that displayed “Pray for Obama” — but locals were upset at the Scripture verse cited: Psalms 109:8, which reads [...]
    • WND: The Gay-Activist Science Deniers
      Woe to any scientist with an interest in objectively researching and reporting on “LGBT”-related issues. If your findings fail the left’s socio-political “butterflies-and-rainbows” litmus test, the “progressive” establishment will try to destroy you – guaranteed. Thus, on these matters, honest scientific inquiry will require courage. Kansas State University, July 2010: Family [...]
    • Is Your Christian Child Really a Pagan?
      20 Questions to Reveal the Truth … Many of today’s youth grow up in Christian churches, but are adopting very un-Christian beliefs. When we all stand before Him, will their names be found in the Lamb’s Book of Life? Maybe it’s time to re- check the status of your child’s faith [...]
    • Bullies in the newsroom
      Today’s state-run media gives us knowledge of what is going on in America and around the world. And, of course, with their socialist agendas behind their reporting, attempting to bully anyone who stands against it into submission. Although the media have a damaging 21 percent [...]
    • NEA Priorities: Sex Selection Abortion, “LGBTQ” Behavior, ObamaCare, “Homophobia”
      Looking at the 2012 Representative Assembly of the nation’s largest teachers’ organization, the National Education Association, here’s a quick summary of the union’s priorities –or not. They refuse to consider some issues important, even life and death matters, yet take a look at what they focus [...]
    • Family Groups Urge FOX NEWS to Stop Providing Unchallenged Prime Time to Agitator
      REEDVILLE, Va., Aug. 23, 2012 — In light of last week’s attempted murder of employees at the Family Research Council (FRC), we pro-family organizations ask Fox News to discontinue guest appearances by homosexual agitator Wayne Besen on the popular O’Reilly Factor TV show.  Besen has a long [...]
    • Poll: Over Half of Tea Party Members Support Bringing Guns to Church
      According to the Public Religion Research Institute poll, released Wednesday, 55 percent of respondents who identified themselves as tea party members supported allowing people to carry guns to church. This contrasted with 38 percent of Republicans, 17 percent of independents, and 9 percent of Democrats. “Although the [...]
    • Morning Brief with Steve Deace: June 25
      Muslim Brotherhood Wins Egypt Candidate Mohamed Morsi won Egypt’s first independent election yesterday, the first fruits of the so-called Arab Spring. The White House congratulated Morsi, calling the victory a “milestone in (Egypt’s) transition to democracy,” but press secretary Jay Carney encouraged the new president to work at [...]
    • Obama’s Anti-Christian Homosexual Agenda
      In an effort to secure the Presidency again, Barack Obama has recently come out of the closet in favor of homosexual marriage. His own re-election campaign has labeled him the most pro-homosexual President in history. From his policies to his federal appointments and nominees, all signs point [...]
    • Morning Brief with Steve Deace: June 21, 2012
      Obama an Accessory to Murder? That is the question Joseph Farah of WND, one of the largest conservative websites in the nation, asks in his latest column reacting to the White House invoking executive privilege in the “Fast and Furious” scandal. Jesus Christ Conceived Via Rape? A new movie about Jesus Christ written [...]
    • Tell Komen to Stop Funding Abortions
      Susan G. Komen affiliates throughout the country give between $500,000 and $800,000 of donors’ money to Planned Parenthood clinics every year, even though these clinics do not perform life-saving mammograms that detect breast cancer. Planned Parenthood clinics only provide referrals to doctors and hospitals that perform digital mammograms on patients, and [...]
    • Komen Announces New Funding for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
      Another Komen affiliate is sending thousands of dollars to the nation’s biggest abortion business following the national controversy over Komen’s initial decision, and subsequent reversal, to deny Planned Parenthood funding. The North Jersey affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced Friday that Planned Parenthood is [...]
    • Attention Maine: Contact the Secretary of State today to keep the marriage ballot question clear
      It is important for the Secretary of State to hear from us during the public comment time for the new wording for the marriage referendum question. The new proposed wording is: “Do you want to allow same-sex couples to marry?” Please visit Citizen Action Center or e-mail [...]
    • Jesus Never Said Anything About Homosexuality, or Did He?
      Consider these facts: Jesus is never quoted in the New Testament as having directly addressed rape, incest, domestic violence or homosexual behavior. So are we supposed to believe all these practices are okay with Him? Read on…. Gospel writer and apostle John tells us there are many teachings and [...]
    • JACOBS: ‘We Won the Textbooks!’
      “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” – “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” –Vladimir Lenin “Every child in America entering school at the age of five is [...]
    • Christian Association testifies against ENDA in Senate Hearing
      This week, the National Religious Broadcasters association testified on behalf of religious organizations in front of the US Senate opposing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA. The group spoke in a hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee (HELP). NRB insisted that ENDA stands opposed to the Constitution and [...]
    • CALVIN: Males Sire 20+, 30+ Illegitimate Children and Move On
      Regarding the slimeball, Terry Turnage, (with 20+ illegitimate children) and the scumbag Desmond Hatchett (with 30+ illegitimate children) that are highlighted below in two short excerpts from news items in recent stories, is so shocking to me that I am nearly at a loss for words.  [...]
    • Teaching Our Youth About Homosexuality and Gender Identity
      There are two dimensions to standing up against the troubling issue of homosexuality. One is the personal; the other is the political. Christianity speaks to both, and our youth can learn the solid reasons why compassionate, faithful Christians should continue to uphold traditional morality. 1. The first [...]
    • Urination Orientation
      Raymond Foley is a victim. Sure, in past eras far less enlightened and tolerant as this current gilded age, Foley might be considered a menace to society—a creep even. But we know better now. We know people just can’t control their urges, and to demand otherwise is a Neanderthal concept right [...]
    • ‘Obama Boy’ hits YouTube
      Obama Girl was the first caricature of the ecstatic Obama fan. (Though it turns out she was a paid actress.) But now that Amber Lee Ettinger — if we ever knew her name to begin with — is forgotten, a new personification arises: Obama Boy. Justin Brown of Brooklyn, New York is [...]
    • Senate Dems Take Time to Consider ‘Gender Identity’ in the Workplace
      Democrats on the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee took time on Tuesday to hear from advocates of “workplace fairness” legislation, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). The bill, which has no chance of passing in the current Congress, would outlaw job discrimination based [...]
    • 49 House Republicans Send Letter to the Senate to Stop a Pro-Abortion Judge
      Forty-Nine House Republicans are sending a letter to the Senate, urging them to oppose the confirmation of a pro-abortion judge to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The text of the letter is below: “Dear Senators: “We urge you to oppose the pending nomination of Mr. Andrew David Hurwitz for appointment to the Ninth [...]
    • Two Republican Congressmen Are Angered About Gay Service At Army Base
      Reps. John Fleming (LA) and Todd Akin (MO) are angered by learning that an Army chaplain officiated a same-sex “wedding” of two lesbians at Fort Polk, Louisiana last month. According to Fleming: “The liberal social experiment with our military continues. A same-sex marriage-like ceremony should not have occurred at Fort Polk, [...]
    • Study of Gay Parenting Draws Criticism
      A new study finds that adult children of parents in same-sex relationships fare worse socially, psychologically and physically than people raised in other family arrangements. Critics call the study deeply flawed, saying the results don’t accurately describe — or even measure — any children raised in stable households with [...]
    • Voting For Romney
      My friend Michael Farris asked me on Facebook on Thursday night if there is anybody that Romney could select for a running mate that would get me to vote for him. I am getting this questions from others as well, so I am answering it here. But before I do so [...]
    • More Than Two-Thirds Of Americans Want Obamacare Overturned
      A New York Times/CBS News poll just released shows that only 24% of Americans think Obamacare should be upheld by the Supreme Court. Forty-one percent of those surveyed said the court should strike down the law; 27% want the individual mandate overturned – which requires Americans to buy health insurance [...]
    • California Senate Votes To Ban Therapy For Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions
      Gay activist California State Senators have recently succeeded in voting to ban any therapy for individuals who are struggling with same-sex attractions. The Senate voted 23-13 along party lines to deny men and women the right to seek help for overcoming their homosexual feelings. (The bill now goes to the [...]
    • Obama Brags About His Support Of Gay Agenda At $5000-A-Plate LA Dinner
      On June 6, President Obama and his wife Michelle were in Los Angeles at a pricey LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) fundraising event. Six hundred Hollywood homosexuals and liberal politicians – including the California Attorney General and the Mayor of Los Angeles paid $5000 a plate to listen to Obama [...]
    • Transgender ‘Ethicist’ Touted In State Department LGBT Pride Celebration
      President Obama and the State Department are celebrating the month of June – which is now “Gay Pride Month” by highlighting a number of gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transgender employees. According to a proclamation issued by Obama: “The story of America’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community is the story [...]
    • Christians Boycott Target
      Donna Calvin Target Selling Pride Shirts to Help Anti-God, Anti-Christ, Anti-Bible, Pro-sodomite Marriage Group — and Reportedly Blocking Emails From Those Complaining Target Corp. is selling gay pride T-shirts to raise money for a group working to defeat a same-sex marriage ban in Minnesota — and is reportedly blocking emails from one [...]
    • Arizona Legislator Sponsors Parental Rights Amendment
      Arizona Rep. Trent Franks (R) has just signed on as the lead sponsor of a House Joint Resolution to approve passage of a Parental Rights Amendment – to get the federal government and the United Nations out of micromanaging how parents rear their children. According to Franks: “In my three decades [...]
    • Here’s A Handy Reading List On Barack Obama – The Destroyer
      If you’re wondering about what kind of man Barack Obama really is, check out the following books. They tell the truth about Obama – the frightening truth — that the liberal media won’t report and doesn’t want you to know as we face the prospect of his re-election in November. These [...]
    • Guess What? The Green Lantern Comic Character Is Gay!
      The gay agenda is now using comic books to indoctrinate a generation of kids into believing that being a homosexual is normal. The latest gay propaganda campaign is the DC Comics super hero, “The Green Lantern.” The “sexual orientation” change was suggested by the series author James Robinson who boasts that [...]
    • Louis Farrakhan Vows That ‘Allah’ Will Destroy America If It Doesn’t Submit
      Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s Sunday address in San Diego was filled with hatred of America and his support for Sharia Law in America. He also condemned his Arab friends in America for killing their children in “honor killings.” The condemnation, though, was more for Arabs bringing their children into [...]
    • Obama Expose Film Coming This Summer
      Dinesh D’Souza, Christian author and speaker is soon releasing “2016” – a major expose of Barack Obama and his plans for downsizing America. D’Souza is basing his film on his book, The Roots Of Obama’s Rage, that details Obama’s desire to follow in his Kenyan socialist father’s footsteps in destroying “colonialism.” [...]
    • Federal Court Panel Says DOMA Unconstitutional
      It was inevitable that this would happen: A U.S. Court of Appeals panel has decided that a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional. The part that the Court has said violates the Constitution says that marriage is exclusively a union of one man and one [...]
    • Sex-Selection Abortion Ban Defeated In House
      Yesterday, 168 Representatives voted against banning sex-selection abortions – and President Obama refused to condemn the practice of aborting babies based on their sex. Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ) was the primary sponsor of the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA) in the House. The vote to ban sex selection abortions – whose victims are [...]
    • Religious Freedom Film Opens Tomorrow
      Andy Garcia stars in “For Greater Glory,” a fact-based film about Cristeros, the rebels who fought against a Mexican dictator who had banned religion from the country in the 1920s. Garcia said that the film is “… a fight for religious freedom, but really a greater umbrella it sits under is [...]
    • Michelle Obama Plays Domestic Goddess
      First Lady Michelle Obama is currently pretending to be a domestic goddess with the publication of a new food and gardening book. Of course, this also provides her with free TV exposure to promote her husband’s re-election in November. Michelle Malkin isn’t impressed with her domestic goddess role-playing. Malkin points out [...]
    • Booker’s Comments About Bain, Capitalism Should Not Surprise
      The big-government, high-taxation, overreaching regulation model of governing has been a saga of failure in America’s cities. Winston Churchill captured what this presidential election is about when he observed, “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” It’s [...]
    • House Republican Wants Planned Parenthood Funding Protected
      Illinois Republican Rep. Bob Dold wants to protect Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funded killing of unborn children. He has introduced an amendment to legislation that would prohibit the federal government from denying Title X funds to an organization that provides abortions. Dold was joined by Planned Parenthood representatives and by members of the [...]
    • Landry Aids Catholic Church Against HHS Abortion Mandate
      Louisiana Republican Jeff Landry has just begun an effort to aid the Catholic Church in its lawsuits against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The HHS has mandated that – under Obamacare – all religious institutions must provide contraceptive and other abortion-related materials to their employees or students. Landy has [...]
    • DOJ Forces University To Permit Male To Use Women’s Restrooms
      The Obama Department of Justice has recently sent a warning letter to the University of Arkansas at Ft. Smith that forces the university to let a man use women’s restrooms on campus. The 38-year-old man thinks he’s a woman, so the DOJ thinks he should be free to use women’s restrooms [...]
    • Obama Neutering War On Islamic Terrorism
      President Obama is moving full-steam ahead with his goal of neutering the war on Islamic terrorism. He’s doing this by systematically removing material from federal counter-terrorism training programs that accurately describe the Islamist threat to America and to the world. Cliff Kincaid with Accuracy in Media has recently published an article detailing [...]
    • Nancy Pelosi Okay With Forcing Military Chaplains To Perform Gay Marriages
      Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is openly opposing an effort in the House to pass a measure that will protect military chaplains from performing gay marriages or other same-sex ceremonies. According to Pelosi, the gay marriage issue is a “manufactured crisis.” Pelosi told CNSNews that “it’s a fraud. It’s a – welcome to [...]
    • Muslim Fanatics Operate Camps In Rural America!
    • California Gay Senator Wants To Ban ‘Reorientation’ Therapy
      A gay state senator is pushing for passage of a bill that will ban reorientation therapy for individuals with unwanted homosexual attractions. The bill is designed to prevent anyone with unwanted same-sex attractions from receiving help. The primary target of this bill is the National Organization for Research and Therapy of [...]
    • ‘Variety’ Puffs TV As Way To ‘Ease Way For Gay Acceptance’
      Brian Lowry with Variety thinks that TV is a great way for gay activists to push their political and cultural agenda. According to Lowry: “Upcoming sitcom ‘The New Normal’ centers on a gay couple and a surrogate mother. “While TV’s influence is sometimes exaggerated by cultural scolds, it’s hard to debate the medium’s [...]
    • CAIR Trying To Derail Anti-Sharia Bill In Kansas
      The radical Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is trying to bully Kansas Governor Sam Brownback into vetoing a law that prevents the use of foreign law in state courtrooms. Robert Spencer, an Islamist expert who oversees JihadWatch.org. describes the need for such laws: These laws are designed to halt the use of [...]
    • Religious Groups File Lawsuits Against Obamacare
      Yesterday, 43 religious groups filed 12 separate lawsuits against Obamacare and the mandate that forces employers to provide and pay for coverage of abortion-inducing drugs, contraception and sterilization – regardless of the employers’ moral or religious objections. The groups include Catholic charities, which provide services for inner city children, elderly, deaf, [...]
    • NAACP: Gay Marriage A ‘Civil Right’
      The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has just gone on record favoring “gay marriage” as a civil right. The group’s resolution in support of gay marriage runs counter to a recent Pew poll showing that only 39% of blacks favor gay marriage compared to 47% of white [...]
    • Rep. Chris Smith Encouraged By Arrival Of Chen Guangcheng To America!
      New Jersey Representative Chris Smith is encouraged by the arrival of blind Chinese pro-life activist Chen Guangcheng and his family to the United States. Smith noted: “After years of enduring physical and psychological torture, imprisonment, and hate, the man, Chen Guangcheng, who defended Chinese women from the crime of forced abortion [...]
    • Religious Group Says Pelosi Wrong About Conscience Rights For Chaplains
      The Chaplain Alliance For Religious Liberty, a group representing 2,500 evangelical military chaplains is challenging House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in her claim that chaplains don’t need conscience protections over the issue of gays in the military. Pelosi claims that a provision added to the House Defense Authorization bill by [...]
    • Blacks And Same-Sex Marriage
      Perhaps history will show that the first black president’s biggest contribution to black America was forcing this community to come to terms with its own identity and priorities.   By formalizing his support of same-sex marriage, President Barack Obama has pushed blacks to decide what is most important to them: The Biblical [...]
    • Dr. David Jeremiah On The National Day Of Prayer
    • Obama’s DOJ Actively Working To Kill Defense Of Marriage Act
      In February 2011, Obama told the Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) because he thought it was unconstitutional. Now, in the aftermath of his declaring that he favors same-sex marriages, the DOJ is actively working to overturn this law. DOMA was signed into law by President [...]
    • Judges Declare National Day Of Prayer Unconstitutional
      Gary DeMar laments the historical ignorance of our current crop of judges – both federal and state – who still believe that public declarations of prayer are “unconstitutional.” DeMar notes that a Colorado appeals judge recently issued an edict declaring that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. And, Wisconsin U.S. [...]
    • Islamic Theology: World Conquest – Submit Or Die
      Islam isn’t simply a religion; it is a legal system and a military system that has one goal in mind: The subjugation of the world under Islamic (Shariah law). The source of Islam’s political and religious theology comes from the Koran, which was supposedly dictated to Muhammad by Allah when [...]
    • Voter Fraud Easy In North Carolina
      James O’Keefe, the head of Project Veritas, has once again exposed how easy it is to perpetrate voter fraud in America. His latest video shows how simple it is to commit voter fraud in North Carolina. Matthew Boyle with The Daily Caller describes O’Keefe’s efforts: Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a [...]
    • Georgia Governor Signs Assisted Suicide Ban
      Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has just signed a bill that bans assisted suicide. It goes into effect immediately. The bill had been sponsored by Rep. Ed Setzler in response to a Georgia Supreme Court decision back in February that had struck down the state’s previous law. From LifeSiteNews: “Stopping the immoral and barbaric [...]
    • Islam Expert Robert Spencer Publishes “Muslim Brotherhood” Expose
      Robert Spencer, who runs JihadWatch.org has just published a short document on the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. The Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t yet operate openly in the U.S., but has a network of front organizations that do its bidding. One of the most influential front groups is the Council on [...]
    • Soros Front Group Trains Democrats To Shout Racism At GOP
      Last week, House of Representatives Democrats were given training on how to link Republicans with racial bias – either conscious or unconscious. Expect to see this smear tactic used repeatedly during this election season. The House Democratic Caucus was treated to a training session by Maya Wiley, who runs on outfit [...]
    • New York Democrats Want To Punish NYPD Over Islamist Surveillance
      More than of the liberal Democrats from New York voted recently to support an amendment that would deny federal funds to any law enforcement group that engaged in any form of racial, ethnic, or religious profiling of terrorists. The amendment was offered by Democrat Rush Hold of New Jersey. Rep. Peter [...]
    • DOJ Silent On Pandemic Of Pornography
      The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Commission is accusing Obama’s Department of Justice of turning a blind eye to the pandemic of illegal pornography in our nation. According to the ERLC: … many may not realize … that distribution of obscene pornographic material is illegal. As the [...]
    • Courageous Arizona Gov. Brewer Bans Planned Parenthood Funds!
      On May 4, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed legislation that bans any group that performs abortions from receiving state family planning money. The new law, “Whole Women’s Health Funding Priority Act,” gives priority to health providers that offer comprehensive care for women. Last year, nine states also reduced funding for Planned Parenthood [...]
    • Meet President Barack Loki
      If you haven’t yet seen “The Avengers,” you may want to this weekend. The movie is the perfect illustration of the clash between those who believe that the government is “god” and those who believe that God is God and He is the giver of freedom to all mankind. In this blockbuster [...]
    • Domestic Terrorist Bernardine Dohrn Group Gets DOJ Funding
      Bernardine Dohrn, the wife of domestic terrorist William Ayers (a friend of Barack Obama), was on the FBI’s most wanted list during the 1970s. She and her husband were founders of the Weather Underground and devoted themselves to blowing up police stations. Times have certainly changed. Dohrn is now on the [...]
    • North Carolina Passes Marriage Amendment!
      Yesterday, North Carolina voters approved an amendment to the state constitution that defines marriage as a union of one man and one woman. The amendment won by a 3-2 margin. This makes the 31st state that has put a marriage amendment into their constitutions. The amendment clearly defines marriage and prohibits [...]
    • Jury Nullification Activist Wins Victory Against FBI
      Federal judge Kimba Wood has just dropped an indictment against an 80-year-old woman who handed out pamphlets in front of a court house on the legal concept known as jury nullification. Julian Heicklin was indicted by the FBI for handing out pamphlets to jurors, but Wood rejected their claim that she [...]
    • Vice President Biden Gets His Marriage Advice From ‘Will & Grace’
      Regrettably, our current Vice President, Joe Biden has never had the reputation of being a deep thinker and his gaffes are legendary. This recent incident wins the prize for the most outrageous statement he’s ever made. While being interviewed on “Meet the Press,” VP Biden credited the defunct pro-gay show “Will & [...]
    • Congressional Prayer Caucus Appeals To Vanderbilt Officials
      Virginia Rep. Randy Forbes (R) and 35 other Members of Congress have just sent a letter of concern to Vanderbilt University’s Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos asking him to ensure that the school’s nondiscrimination policy will not discriminate against religious student groups. The private university has put a non-discrimination policy in place that [...]
    • Senator Dick Durbin Seeks To Censor Truth About Radical Islam
      Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is working to prevent law enforcement and intelligence agencies from knowing the truth about the radical Islamist threat America faces, according to investigative journalist Ken Timmerman. Timmerman, who is a recognized authority on Islam and author of Preachers Of Hate: Islam And The War On America, says [...]
    • P-FOX Wins Victory Against Rabid Gay Activist
      Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (P-FOX) has just won a victory against Wayne Besen, a vicious gay activist who spends his life smearing ex-gay ministries. A federal just has just tossed out a lawsuit Besen filed against P-FOX and Greg Quinlan, an ex-gay. Besen had claimed that Quinlan had [...]
    • Obama Admits Fabricating Story In His 1995 Memoir
      This comes as no surprise. In his book, Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama told the story of a white girl he took to a New York play written by a black man. According to Obama, he became annoyed at his date when she asked “why black people were so angry [...]
    • NOW And Leftist Media Matters Plot Against Rush Limbaugh
      The Daily Caller reports on recent webinar by the National Organization for Women (NOW) and Media Matters (headed by gay activist David Brock) on how to get Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves. The plot involves a plan to go after local advertisers of Limbaugh’s influential conservative talk show. They’re also planning a [...]
    • Comcast Pushes Gay Agenda
      Comcast, the owner of NBC Universal and Focus Features, is one of the most aggressive supporters of the gay agenda in America. It’s latest creation to push homosexuality on America is a sitcom called “The New Normal,” which is about two gay men who begin a family using a surrogate to [...]
    • Obama Fortifies Jihadists Around The World
      Frank Gaffney, the head of the Center for Security Policy and an expert on Islam, believes that the Obama Administration is doing all it can to fortify the Islamic Jihad movement around the globe. According to Gaffney: Unfortunately, as demonstrated conclusively in a free, web-based video course entitled “Muslim Brotherhood in America: [...]
    • Traditional Marriage Protesters Attacked
      Volunteers with the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family And Property (TFP) have been attacked by gay activists for peacefully standing in public in support of traditional marriage. TFP has posted a video of the various attacks made against them. The organization’s volunteers have been bullied, pepper sprayed, hit [...]
    • Update On Blind Chinese Pro-Life Activist!
      Women’s Rights Without Frontiers (WRWF) has posted an update on the situation involving pro-life Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng. Guangcheng had fled into the U.S. Embassy in Beijing for asylum, but was told by a U.S. official that if he didn’t leave the embassy, his wife would be beaten to death by [...]
    • Obamacare Pushes Employers To Drop Health Insurance
      Michigan Republican Rep. Dave Camp told The Washington Times recently that Obamacare “offers employers as financial incentive to drop, not keep, offering coverage to their employees.” He continued: “When it comes down to the bottom line, companies could save billions of dollars by ceasing to offer health insurance while simultaneously placing [...]
    • YouTube Removes Christian Videos From Ministry Site
      Pastor Carl Gallups is one of the founders of the online ministry known as PPSimmons YouTube Ministry. More than 550 videos were posted on the site since 2009 – with 21 million page views since it was created. Now, all that remains of the site is a YouTube message that says: [...]
    • Navy SEALS Slam Obama Over Campaign Ad
      Several former and currently serving NAVY SEALS have slammed President Obama for exploiting their killing of Osama bin Laden for political gain in a recent ad. The ad, entitled “One Chance” puffs Obama’s role in killing Osama and suggests that Mitt Romney would not have had the courage to kill the [...]
    • Chinese Pro-Life Activist Needs American Intervention
      He Peirong is a Chinese pro-life activist who recently risked her life by helping Chen Guangcheng escape house detention. She successfully rescued the blind pro-lifer from his captives, but now she’s disappeared! Chen Guangcheng’s name isn’t well known in the United States, but he’s developed a network of pro-lifers who are [...]
    • Former ACORN Operative Warns Of Obama DOJ Collusion
      Anita MonCrief, a former ACORN/Project Vote activist is now a conservative Tea Party activist who is warning America about the cozy relationship between Obama’s Department of Justice and ACORN voter fraud schemes. MonCrief recently gave a speech at the True The Vote National Summit in Houston, Texas in late April. According to [...]
    • Obama’s New Slogan Tied To Marxist/Socialist History
      President Obama has a new campaign slogan for 2012. Gone is “hope and change.” The new slogan is “Forward.” The choice of the new slogan is undoubtedly deliberate in order to send a clear message to his Marxist/Socialist/Progressive allies. The term “Forward” has special meaning for Marxist revolutionaries, according to The Washington [...]
    • Obama Teamed Up With Gay Activist Dan Savage!
      Dan Savage, the vicious gay activist who recently cursed at Christian high students and ridiculed the Bible, has a friend in the White House – Barack Obama. Savage’s gay recruitment project for teens called “It’s Gets Better” is in a partnership with the Obama Administration to promote “anti-bullying” messages in public [...]
    • CAIR/Police Shut Down Pro-Constitution Event
      The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been responsible for shutting down a conference titled “Constituting Michigan – Founding Principles Act,” in Allegan, Michigan. The event was sponsored by a local chapter of ACT, a pro-Constitution, anti-Islamist group. The purpose of the event was to inform the public on the importance [...]
    • Gay ‘Anti-Bully’ Speaker Bullies Christian Students
      Dan Savage is a gay activist degenerate who was recently given the undeserved honor of speaking before high students at the National High School Journalism Convention in Seattle, Washington. Savage was there to speaking on anti-gay bullying in high schools, but his speech quickly became a curse-filled screed against the Bible, [...]
    • GING-PAC Surveys Social Conservatives For November
      The Government Is Not God Political Action Committee (GING-PAC), headed by William Murray, has just published a listing of social conservatives he’s supporting in November. The list includes such conservative stalwarts as Iowa Rep. Steve King, Florida Rep. Sandy Adams, Florida Rep. Allen West, and Ken Timmerman, an investigative journalist who [...]
    • Conservative Film Maker Documents Obama’s Dangerous Worldview
      Gerald Molen, who collaborated with Steven Spielberg on “Schindler’s List,” is finishing up a documentary on Barack Obama’s dangerous worldview. He’s working with Dinesh D’Souza, author of The Roots Of Obama’s Rage – an important book that documents Obama’s hatred of Western Civilization. Molen’s film, “Obama: 2016” is based on D’Souza’s [...]
    • Islamic Circle Of North America (ICNA) Seeks Sharia In America
      The Investigative Project On Terrorism (IPT) exposes the agenda of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) in a recent article. According to IPT: ICNA has long been involved in the radicalization of its members, with an indoctrination process into South Asian and Muslim Brotherhood extremist texts. Many of those titles disappeared [...]
    • Michelle Obama Vacation In Spain: $467,585
      Judicial Watch has found through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that it cost taxpayers $467,585 for First Lady Michelle Obama to play in Spain back in 2010. It took Judicial Watch two years and a lawsuit to finally get the documents showing how much it cost taxpayers. The First Lady [...]
    • Governor Seeks To Abolish Abortion In Mississippi
      Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed a bill to raise health standards at the state’s lone abortion clinic earlier this month and called the abortionists hypocrites whose “one mission in life is to abort children.” He blasted the abortionists and leftists who attacked him for signing legislation requiring abortionists to be certified [...]
    • War Memorial Cross Under Attack
      Liberty Counsel, a religious freedom watchdog group has offered free legal help to the city of Woonsocket, Rhode Island from an attack by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The anti-Christian group is protesting the existence of a 91-year-old war memorial located on Woonsocket Fire Department property because it contains – surprise [...]
    • EPA Official Urges His Colleagues To ‘Crucify’ Businesses
      EPA bureaucrat Al Armendariz has urged his fellow EPA colleagues to attack businesses in the same way that the ancient Romans did when they conquered Turkish villages. According to Armendariz: They’d go into a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw and they would crucify them. And [...]
    • Victory For Mojave Desert Cross!
      A cross erected 80 years ago by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) has been the target of atheist hatred for more than a decade. Now, a federal court has finally ruled that the land where the cross stands can be transferred to the VFW. The cross was the subject of [...]
    • Obama’s Fault: Islamist Egypt Mulls Laws On Child Marriage And Sex-After-Death
      President Obama always likes to blame former President George Bush for whatever bad is happening in America and around the world, but now he has to take full credit for the growing Islamic mess in Egypt. Thanks to President Barack Obama pushing former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak out of office, Egypt [...]
    • Romney’s ‘Religious Voter’ Numbers Weak
      Mitt Romney only has 54% of the most religious voters in a recent Gallup Daily Tracking Poll. The poll indicates that Romney has 54% of the most religious voters and 54% of the moderately religious voters. The most religious voters were defined as those who attended a church, synagogue at least [...]
    • EEOC Claims ‘Transgenders’ Are Protected Class Under 1964 Civil Rights Act
      The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which includes lesbian activist lawyer Chai Feldblum, has just issued an edict that stretches the 1964 Civil Rights Act beyond recognition. The EEOC now claims that Title VII of the 1964 law provides federal protected class status to “gender identity,” – which is code for transsexuals, [...]
    • Terrorist Front Groups Gain Power In America
      Glenn Beck recently interviewed retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin on his radio program to discuss the growing threat of terrorist front organizations operating in America. Boykin is a key figure in “Rumors of War 3,” produced by GBTV. It airs this evening on Beck’s webcast channel. According to Boykin, “You know, it’s [...]
    • Groupon Offers Torture Tour Coupons
      Morality in Media has called on concerned citizens to boycott Groupon, the discount coupon web service. Two times this year, the coupon company has offered its customers discount coupons for a torture porn studio called Kink. “Selling coupons supporting the degradation of women is as low as a publicly-traded company can go,” [...]
    • Islamic Organization Pushes Effort To Criminalize ‘Islamophobia’
      The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a coalition of 57 Islamic nations has recently met in Gabon to discuss how they can criminalize so-called “Islamophobia” and the “defamation of Islam.” OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsnoglu told his associates that Islamophobia is “fuelled by a misconception about Islam and Muslims and incites [...]
    • Communist Friend Of Obama Goes After Free Market Group
      The Communists, green activists and other malcontents who believe that Government Is God, are going after a free market group that is being effective in fighting against authoritarian government. The American Legislative Exchange Council and its members are finding themselves increasingly under attack by a coalition of leftist organizations, including Common [...]
    • GLAAD Gives ‘Modern Family’ Award To ‘Chaz’ Bono And Her Mother Cher
      The Gay And Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) held an awards show on Saturday and handed out an award to “Chaz” Bono (a sad, sexually confused woman who has had a “sex change” operation and now pretends to be a man). The award was given to someone who has made [...]
    • HHS Hires Former Planned Parenthood Spokesman
      Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has just hired Tait Sye to becomg the deputy assistance secretary for public affairs at her agency. Sye is former media director at Planned Parenthood – an organization that makes millions from killing unborn children and handing out contraceptives to teenagers. Sye will handle [...]
    • Christians Being Driven Off Campus At Vanderbilt
      Eleven religious organizations like Campus Crusade for Christ, Christian Legal Society, InterVarsity and other groups at Vanderbilt University are facing a serious dilemma. The university has decided to enforce an “all comers” policy for all campus organizations – including religious ones. This means that any student – regardless of his beliefs [...]
    • A Federal Judge Rules It’s Okay To Force Prisoners On An Islamic Diet
      The prisoners in Ohio must all eat “halal” meals to satisfy the demands of Muslim inmates! The decision to remove pork from the diet was the decision of Ohio Prison  Director Gary Mohr. He made the decision after Muslim criminals threatened to sue the prison. James River sued Mohr over his decision [...]
    • Obama Tells Lies About America’s Oil Reserves
      In Obama’s speeches on energy and oil production, he routinely claims that America only has 2% of America’s proven oil reserves. This is a lie – and it remains a lie no matter how many times he says it. Republican Senators are pointing out that a U.S. Geological Survey study shows [...]
    • Colonel Ralph Peters Calls On Media To Stop Hiding Obama’s Mess Ups
      Retired Army Col. Ralph Peters is sick and tired of the liberal mainstream media covering up Obama’s incompetency and mess ups. According to Peters: Almost four years into the Obama presidency, huge blank spots remain in the incumbent’s personal history (we knew more negative information—much of it invented—about Sarah Palin in four [...]
    • Ted Cruz Campaign Airs Powerful Video On Fast & Furious Scandal
      Government Is Not God Political Action Committee-endorsed Senate candidate Ted Cruz has just released a powerful video that shows just how deeply involved were members of Obama’s Administration in the Fast and Furious gun running scandal. According to Cruz, the former Solicitor General of Texas: The Fast & Furious program we had [...]
    • Leftist ‘Media Matters’ Targets Business, Wealth, And Christianity!
      The far leftist Media Matters organization run by gay activist David Brock was created to target businesses, wealthy individuals and Christianity – according to The Daily Caller. A reporter for The Daily Caller obtained a copy of the IRS form that Media Matters submitted in order to get its tax-exempt status. [...]
    • Mississippi Genius: Non-Abortion Law May Ban Abortions
      On April 16, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed a bill that puts new requirements on the books for abortionists. They must now be certified as obstetrician-gynecologists with admitting privileges at local hospitals – in case a botched abortion requires a woman to be hospitalized immediately. Terri Herring with Pro-Life Mississippi was [...]
    • Bishop Says Obama On Hitlerian Path
      Bishop Daniel R. Jenky recently delivered a sermon to a group of Catholic men in Peoria, Illinois. During his speech, Jenky noted: “Remember that in past history other governments have tried to force Christians to huddle and hide only within the confines of their churches like the first disciples locked up [...]
    • Malkin To Romney: Stop Saying Obama Is A ‘Nice Guy’
      Michelle Malkin took off on Mitt Romney last night on “Hannity” when she told Sean Hannity and another guest that she was tired of hearing Romney say that Barack Obama is a “nice guy.” Malkin, author of the Obama Administration expose “Culture of Corruption” said: “Conservatives online are not accepting these fables [...]
    • Have You Signed The Marietta Declaration?
      The Georgia Tea Party is encouraging all Americans to sign on to The Marietta Declaration, a document unveiled in February in Marietta, Georgia. The Marietta Declaration is a statement designed to help reverse a century of Executive Branch abuses against the American people and our liberties. The Declaration challenges presidential candidates to [...]
    • Fort Hood Jihadist Killer Gets Help From Judge
      Military Judge Colonel Gregory Gross has just delayed Major Nidal Hasan’s trial from June until October. He’s also refused a request from Hasan’s defense team to see notes from meetings and conversations with President Obama, the Secretary of Defense and other high-ranking officials after the November 5, 2009 shootings at [...]
    • California Bill Will Permit Non-Physicians To Perform Abortions
      The land of fruits and nuts has done it again. A liberal California state Senator is trying to pass a bill that permits non-physicians to perform abortions after going through a  training program run by a non-disclosed private foundation. The bill, SB 1338 is being pushed by Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, [...]
    • Obama Is The Most Anti-Christian/Pro-Islam President In History
      William J. Murray, head of the Religious Freedom Coalition and the Government Is Not God Political Action Committee says that President Barack Obama is working to undermine Christianity and promote the interests of Islam in America and around the world. According to Murray: From his very first day in office, Obama has [...]
    • Keep Your Child At Home On April 20
      April 20 is a gay recruitment day at hundreds of junior high and high schools across our nation. It called the “Day of Silence” sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and it is designed to supposedly portray the plight of students who think they are “gay.” The day [...]
    • Obama Seeks To Nationalize Education Content
      Obama wants every child in America educated according to his standards. This should bring shivers down the spine of every conservative Christian in America. The Heritage Foundation’s new report, “States Must Reject National Education Standards While There Is Still Time,” by Lindsey Burke, outlines Obama’s plans for your children. According to Burke: The [...]
    • Fullerton School Administrator Reassigned For Anti-H***sexual Stand
      Vice Principal of Fullerton High School, Joe Abell is being punished for taking an anti-homosexual stand at the school. Abell has been removed from his post and reassigned after pulling a teenage boy from the Mr. Fullerton pageant after the boy indicated he wanted to marry a man after “gay [...]
    • Christian Holidays Result In Death From Islamists
      Raymond Ibrahim, a writer for the David Horowitz Center has recently described the increasing numbers of Christians who are being slaughtered around the world during Christian holidays. The numbers of Christians being killed will inevitably increase as more and more secular Muslim nations become Islamic states due to the so-called “Arab [...]
    • Planned Parenthood Clinic Promotes 40 Days Of Pro-Evil Prayer
      The Six Rivers Planned Parenthood Clinic in Humboldt County, California has called for 40 Days of Prayer to protect abortion. The gimmick is being done with the help of a liberal group known as Clergy for Choice. A flyer distributed by PP and Clergy for Choice lists prayer topics for all [...]
    • Eric Holder Loves Al Sharpton
      Attorney General Eric Holder recently appeared at a National Action Network convention and  praised the professional race hustler Al Sharpton for his “partnership” and “friendship.” According to Holder, Sharpton is standing up for the powerless, and shining a light on the problems that America must solve and the “promises we must [...]
    • Michelle Malkin Calls For Boycott Of ‘Progressive’ Appeasers
      Columnist Michelle Malkin is calling for a boycott of companies that have recently caved to the demands of leftist organizations. Currently, the far left – or as they call themselves – “progressives” — have launched a campaign against companies that help fund the American Legislative Exchange Council, a free-market organization that [...]
    • Democrat Party Establishment Hates Voter ID Laws
      Reprinted from GINGPAC.org. Every public opinion poll shows that between 70-80% of the American people support voter identification laws. In fact, whites, blacks, Hispanics, Republicans and Democrats alike support voter ID laws. Who hates voter ID laws? The ACORN activists, and the Democrat Party Establishment – including Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder claims there’s [...]
    • Obama Wants Congress To Push Pro-Gay Rules
      President Obama is being lobbied by 72 Members of Congress to issue an executive order banning “sexual orientation” discrimination by federal contractors. Obama wants Congress to pass a law instead that will force federal contractors to promote “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in the workplace. Joe Solmonese, the radical gay who [...]
    • Florida Family Association Wins Victory Against CAIR
      David Caton with the Florida Family Association has recently won a victory against the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) from indoctrinating public school children. The battle was fought against Tampa’s Hillsborough County School Board. School teachers had invited CAIR speakers to come to the school to explain Islam and Sharia Law. School [...]
    • Pro-Israel Group Calls For Investigation Of Obama’s Anti-Israel Leaks
      The American Freedom Defense Initiative headed by Pam Geller has just called for an investigation into the leaking of sensitive information on Israel by the Obama Administration. According to Geller, who also runs the Atlas Shrugs blog site: “Obama’s policies compromise American security. Iran is clearly a threat to America. They have [...]
    • If You Had A Liberal Brain You’d Believe In Man-Made Global Warming
      There’s a whole new slew of “research” recently posted on the Internet claiming that conservatives or Republicans have brains that are duller than liberal brains. Are you brain damaged because you have conservative principles? Apparently so, according to the liberal elites. In fact, you need to be “treated” for your [...]
    • The Left’s Free Speech Attack Dogs
      Matt Barber, vice president of the Liberty Counsel, has recently posted a commentary in The Daily Caller on the effort of leftist groups to suppress free speech in America. As Barber observes: Liberals recognize that when arguing on the merits, they cannot prevail. Not only are their morally relative, redistributionist philosophies untenable [...]
    • Ex-Gay Flyer Distribution Urged On Gay ‘Day Of Silence’
      Parents and Friends Of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) is urging ex-gays and straight students to distribute flyers on the ex-gay movement on April 20, which is the “Day of Silence” pushed by the Gay Straight Allance (GSA). According to PFOX: “Since members of these gay affirming clubs agree to remain silent for [...]
    • China Expert Testifies On Subversive ‘Confucius Institutes’ In America
      Steven W. Mosher, head of the Population Research Institute (PRI), testified before the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations yesterday afternoon on the spread of Chinese “Confucius Institutes” in America. Part of Mosher’s testimony is reprinted below: A Politicized Mission That the mission of the Confucius Institutes is to extend the Chinese Party-State’s [...]
    • Obama’s Muslim ‘Faith’ Advisor Makes Anti-Israel Remarks
      Dalia Mogahed, a member of Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships has been caught making anti-Israel comments on her Twitter account. In attacking Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, she pointed out that he can no longer “deliver .. resistance to Israel.” The full Tweet reads: “To those siding w/ Assad: he [...]
    • Rep. Issa Challenges Napolitano On False Illegal Immigrant Statistics
      Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee On Oversight And Government Reform, is asking Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to respond to charges that her department provided false information on its border crossing data. Issa sent Napolitano a letter on March 1 asking for clarification. It said, in part:  “Without [...]
    • Another Shoe Drops Forcing Americans To Pay For Abortion Coverage
      – From Rep. Chris Smith’s office: This week while the House of Representatives was out of session, the Obama Administration confirmed its insidious plan for public funding for abortion coverage in Obamacare (PL 111-148) when it issued rules for Obamacare exchanges, complete with an abortion surcharge and a secrecy clause. “The mass [...]
    • Gay Activists Want Chick-Fil-A Kicked Off Campuses
      Gay activists at several colleges are campaigning to have Chick-Fil-A kicked off their campuses. Activists have organized opposition at nine campuses, including Duke, Northeastern, and New York University. They claim that because Chick-Fil-A donates to conservative Christian charities, it is pursuing an anti-gay agenda. Chick-Fil-A’s foundation, WinShape donated $2 million in 2009 [...]
    • Thomas More Society Argues Against Gay Marriages From Foreign Nations
      The Thomas More Society (TMS) is arguing against gay marriage from other countries in a Philadelphia court this week. The case involves Jennifer Tobits, the lesbian partner of a deceased attorney Sarah Ellyn Farley of Philadelphia. Tobits claims she is entitled to Farley’s profit-sharing plan because they were “married” in Canada. The [...]
    • Planned Parenthood Alleged To Have Faked 87,000 Claims
      Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director is suing Planned Parenthood for having allegedly faked 87,000 claims for Medicaid reimbursement. She is bringing the suit under the Federal False Claims Act and the Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act. She asserts that Planned Parenthood knowingly defrauded Medicaid between 2007-2009. According the Alliance [...]
    • Radical Environmentalists Vow To Block Energy Production In Canada/America
      Anti-energy green activist groups have promised that they’ll do whatever is necessary to block the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast – and will block other energy production efforts as well. In Idaho, a group calling itself Advocates for the West has developed a strategy to strangle energy [...]
    • Emergent Church Leader Obsessed With Sex
      Pastor Mark Driscoll heads up Seattle’s Mars Hill Church and has 19,000 people meeting in 14 locations in four states. He’s also a false teacher, obsessed with deviant sex acts, who is leading people astray. Driscoll’s obsession with sex is outlined by David Kupelian, the managing editor of WorldNetDaily and author [...]
    • AG Holder Appoints Taliban Attorney To High Post At DOJ
      Only in the Obama Administration would you have the Attorney General of the United States appoint a defense attorney for the Taliban to become third in command at the Department of Justice. AG Eric Holder has just appointed Tony West to become Acting Associate Attorney General. West was formerly the Assistant [...]
    • ‘October Baby’ Film Spotlights Abortion Survivor
      The Baptist Press highlights a new film that will premiere on March 23. The film, “October Baby,” “… chronicles a young woman’s search for the truth about her past — a past that includes discovering that her mother tried to have her aborted, only to place her for an adoption when [...]
    • Santorum Wins Key States – Romney Squeaks By In Ohio – Wins by 1%
      Rick Santorum won the primaries in Oklahoma, Tennessee and North Dakota yesterday, while Gingrich took Georgia. RINO Romney won Massachusetts, Vermont and Virginia (Santorum and Gingrich were not on the ballot in Virginia.) In Ohio, Romney won with 38% of the vote to Santorum’s 37%. This wasn’t a good night for [...]
    • Who Knew? Contraceptives Will Aid Bogus ‘Global Warming Crisis’
      It’s amazing how liberals can, with a straight face, rationalize condom distribution with the alleged global warming crisis facing the world. The “climate change” or “global warming” threat isn’t real, but that doesn’t stop radical abortion and population control zealots from pursuing their goals in tandem. One of those zealots is [...]
    • School Districts Work To Violate Parental Rights
      School districts all over the U.S. are working diligently to violate the right of parents to determine what their children will learn or what “sex education” materials they will receive. There are multiple examples of this, as pointed out recently by John Mancino at SperoNews. Mancino writes: In Ohio a sex education course [...]
    • Sandra Fluke: Radical Abortion Activist
      Her face is plastered all over the internet and television these days. Sandra Fluke is the radical abortion activist who testified before Congress on Obama’s contraceptive mandate and riled up Rush Limbaugh. But, who is she? At the beginning her congressional testimony, she says she’s past president of the Georgetown Law [...]
    • HHS Secretary Argues That Fewer Births Cover Contraceptive Mandate
      Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who claims to be a Catholic, told a House oversight committee on Thursday that a reduction in human beings will help offset the costs of providing mandated contraceptives and abortion-related resources in ObamaCare. The HHS wrote the mandate rule, which is not in [...]
    • Thomas Sowell On The Importance Of Super Tuesday
      Next week is Super Tuesday, when Republican voters in several states will go to the polls to pick their candidate to defeat Barack Obama in November. Thomas Sowell has described the monumental importance of Super Tuesday to the future of our nation, western civilization and Israel. If Obama is re-elected, the fate [...]
    • New Resource On Muslim Brotherhood Available
      Robert Spencer, who runs JihadWatch.org. has just published a new resource on the Muslim Brotherhood in America. The pamphlet can be downloaded from the FrontPageMag.com web site. According to FrontPage: The Muslim Brotherhood In America by Robert Spencer is a new Freedom Center pamphlet that shows how the Muslim Brotherhood has targeted the [...]
    • ‘IndoctriNATION’ Wins Christian Film Festival Award
      The documentary, “IndoctriNATION: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America” has just won the Jubilee Award for Best Documentary at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. The documentary features the testimony of Brian Rohrbough, who lost his son in the Columbine school massacre in 1999. Columbine isn’t an [...]
    • Tennessee Officials Grilled By State Department Over Refugee Law
      The state of Tennessee is the first in the nation to pass a law dealing with the influx of refugees from other countries. The Refugee Absorptive Capacity Act is in reaction to the large influx of refugees who have been brought into the state through the State Department’s Refugee Resettlement Program. The [...]
    • American Life League Exposes Planned Parenthood Agenda
      The America Life League’s video expose of Planned Parenthood called “Hooking Kids on S**” was pulled from YouTube because of an ex-intern who worked at Planned Parenthood. ALL, however, has posted “Hooked S** II.” The new video reveals how in 1969, Planned Parenthood planned an official policy of restructuring the family, [...]
    • Pennsylvania Judge Not Muslim – But Sides With Muslim Criminal
      The conservative news media – including this site – has reported that a “Muslim” judge in Pennsylvania sided with a Muslim criminal in an assault charge against an atheist dressed as “Zombie Mohammed.” This is incorrect. A transcription mistake in the court case led reporters to believe that Judge Mark Martin [...]
    • Rick Santorum Dances With The Devil
      by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown In the Republican debate held on Washington’s Birthday the candidates were asked to describe themselves in one word. Santorum chose the word courage. If fits after a week of dancing with the national news media over the issue of Satan. Does he exist? Santorum says [...]
    • ObamaCare Sets Up $4 Billion Slush Fund For Radicals
      Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin has exposed a multi-billion dollar slush fund created by ObamaCare to fund Obama’s socialist radicals. The slush fund is designed to create a network of nonprofit “Co-ops” that will compete with private health insurance companies. As Malkin notes: “It’s socialized medicine through the side door. Last week, the [...]
    • Thousands To Pray For Hollywood In March
      TheCRY is promoting a major prayer event in Hollywood at Universal City’s Gibson Amphitheatre from March 15-17. The event is designed to “bless and pray for this industry, and the people in it, who are affecting the world so profoundly.” Event Director Faytene Grasseschi explains: “We are believing for God’s love to [...]
    • Muslim Judge Dismisses Assault Case Involving Muslim Thug
      A Muslim judge in Pennsylvania has just dropped assault charges against a Muslim man who assaulted an Atheist during a Halloween parade last year. The atheist was dressed as a Zombie Mohammed. The entire assault was captured on video and the Muslim admitted to his crime. He said he didn’t know [...]
    • Hallmark Movie Channel Will Telecast 20th Annual Faith & Values Awards TONIGHT!
      The Hallmark Movie Channel will telecast Movieguide®’s 20th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala Friday, Feb. 24, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Central Time, and 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Dean Cain will host the Faith & Values Awards, which will also feature appearances by Jim Carrey, Robert Duvall, Kevin [...]
    • Obama Promises To ‘Double Down’ On His Failed ‘Green Energy’ Subsidies
      During a recent fundraising speech at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida, President Obama told his audience that he planned to “double down” on his failed green energy subsidies – even without Congress approving such subsidies. Obama is a typical liberal: If a project costing millions fails, just spend more [...]
    • Caliphate Conference: Islamize Europe & U.S.
      European Islamists will be gathering in Vosendorf, Austria on March 10 at a gala “Caliphate Conference 2012. The goal of the conference is to strategize on how create a world-wide Islamic dictatorship. Islamist expert Soeren Kern says the conference is being sponsored by Hizb ut-Tahrir (Party of Liberation). This group is [...]
    • HR 374: the Life At Conception Act
      Thanks for opening this email and starting to take time to read this message about ending abortion. With every TWO clicks of the clock, ONE baby is aborted in America. That’s right; every two seconds a baby is murdered here in the United States! That is harsh [...]
    • First Lady Brings Nanny State To The Military
      First Lady Michelle Obama is the self-appointed head of the Obama Food Police. She’s been taking time off from vacationing to impose her will on the military. She’s busy traveling to military bases telling our soldiers what they must eat. In fact, she’s enforcing her notions about “healthy” food choices [...]
    • Obama Seeks More ‘Rights’ For Military Gays
      President Obama was at the home of two lesbian supporters recently and raised $1.4 million. During his speech at their home, he pledged: ““We’re going to have more work to do on this issue,” he said to about 40 who paid $38,800 each to attend. “There’s still areas where fairness [...]
    • Physicist Exposes Global Warming Hoax
      Gordon Fulks, a physicist who has studied the global warming hoax for years, recently presented a paper entitled “Global Warming: Climate Orthodoxy Perpetuates A Hoax” at a meeting of the American Meteorological Society in Oregon. Fulks presented a slide show with his presentation, providing clear evidence that man-made global warming is [...]
    • ‘The Daily Caller’ Posts Expose On Leftist ‘Media Matters’
      The conservative online newspaper, The Daily Caller has just post the first of a multi-part series on Media Matters, a leftist smear group run by gay activist David Brock. The expose shows that Media Matters coordinates its activities with the Obama White House as well as leftist members of Congress, progressive [...]
    • New Pentagon Policy Misplaces Priorities On Women In Combat
      Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness (CMR) has issued a statement on the Pentagon’s recently announced new policy on women in land combat. Donnelly says the new policy does the “wrong things for the wrong reasons.” The new policy treats the military like an “equal opportunity” civilian employer. According [...]
    • Christian Environmental Group Slams Far Left Group For EPA Support
      The Cornwall Alliance, a conservative Christian environmentalist group has recently slammed the leftist Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) for its support of the EPA. The EEN claims to be pro-life and believes that supporting the EPA’s mercury rules is a pro-life position. The group has launched a multi-media campaign to support Lisa [...]
    • What’s not to Like about Ellen?
      Imagine you had to make a case against Ellen DeGeneres being the new spokesman for JCPenney.  Ellen is charming and delightful…witty, warm and engaging. What’s not to like about Ellen DeGeneres? And yet for thousands…yeah millions of Penney’s customers it is an unsettling proposition. American Family Association’s [...]
    • EPA & Hollywood Use ‘Lorax’ To Brainwash Kids On Green Energy
      Universal Studios is releasing “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax” on March 2 to theaters throughout the U.S. Partnering with Universal is the EPA, which is using the Lorax character to teach children how to be green and to fight rampant industrialism (capitalism, the engine of progress). The Lorax character  is a creature [...]
    • New Book Takes On The Energy Killing EPA And Obama’s Pro-Muslim Policies
      Dennis Hedke, is a member of the Kansas State Legislature and a geophysicist who is deeply concerned about the direction our nation is taking under Obama. His new book, The Audacity Of Hope, takes on Obama’s pro-Muslim policies and the EPA’s ongoing assault against our energy industry. Jay Lehr, a senior fellow [...]
    • Ellen DeGeneres Appointed AIDS Envoy & Spokes-Lesbian For J.C. Penney
      It’s been a great week for lesbian activist/comedian Ellen DeGeneres. She’s been appointed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be a Special Envoy for Global AIDS Awareness and a spokes-lesbian for J.C. Penney. DeGeneres will use her State Department post to raise awareness about the “global fight against AIDS” – [...]
    • Pro-Lifers’ Victory Over Planned Parenthood Short-Lived
      Pro-lifers were encouraged by the announcement recently that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure group would stop funding Planned Parenthood. The victory was short-lived. On Friday morning, Komen announced it was reversing its decision to stop grants to Planned Parenthood. This from The Daily Caller: “We want to apologize to the [...]
    • Obama Issues Global Warming Rules – Then Exempts GE-Powered Plant
      Timothy Carney with The Washington Examiner reported yesterday that the Obama Administration issued draconian rules for regulating greenhouse gases from any new or expanded power plants in January. This week, the EPA issued its first exemption to these rules. According to Carney: The Obama administration will spare a stalled power plant project in [...]
    • War Hero Blocked From Speaking At West Point
      General William G. Boykin has been blocked from speaking at West Point because he’s an outspoken Christian and critic of the gay agenda and radical Islam. He was put under such pressure that he chose to withdraw from the West Point speaking engagement. Boykin has had an amazing career in the military [...]
    • Washington State To Legalize Gay Marriage
      Tonight, the Washington state legislature is expected to ram through a bill that will legalize gay marriage in that state. The Democrat Governor Christine Gregoire, has indicated she will sign the bill. Democrat Senator Ed Murray, its chief sponsor, said there are 25 votes – enough to pass it in the [...]
    • New York City Police Defeated By CAIR
      The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is a Muslim Brotherhood front, has won a victory over the New York City Police Department. The department had been showing “The Third Jihad” to police officers to teach them about Islamic radicalism. CAIR complained and the NYPD caved. FrontPage Magazine blogger Arnold Ahlert has more [...]
    • Somali Sex Trafficking Case Underway In Nashville
      Refugee Resettlement Watch is reporting on the upcoming trial of 28 Somalis who were involved in a sex trafficking operation. The refugee watch group quotes extensively from the Nashville City Paper on this criminal enterprise. From The City Paper: The federal courthouse in downtown Nashville was abuzz on Friday, Jan. 20. Outside, Occupy Nashville [...]
    • Catholic Leaders Rising Up Against ObamaCare
      Business Insider writer Michael Brendon Dougherty reports  that numerous Catholic leaders are rising up to oppose the abortion provisions in Obama’s socialist health care plan. Under ObamaCare, Catholic institutions will be forced to subsidize contraception, sterilization and abortion-producing drugs. But, of course, Obama doesn’t care. He wants to do all [...]
    • Climate Skeptics Win Big Victory In Climategate Scandal!
      The arrogant “climate scientists” who run the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia were handed a defeat last week by a British Freedom of Information Act Tribunal. The case was brought by Dr. Don Keiller, deputy head of Life Sciences at Ruskin University, Cambridge. The case involves CRU director [...]
    • Vanderbilt Continues To Violate Religious Liberty
      Nashville’s famous Vanderbilt University is continuing to insist that it has the obligation to violate the religious liberty of campus groups such as the Christian Legal Society (CLS). Vanderbilt claims that it can force all organizations on campus to adhere to its non-discrimination policy, which means Christian religious groups must permit [...]
    • NARTH Publishes Statement on Sexual Orientation Change
      The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) has just published a thoughtful statement on sexual orientation change. An excerpt of the statement is reprinted below: Current discussions of homosexual sexual orientation change are unavoidably occurring within a sociopolitical climate that makes nonpartisan scientific inquiry of this subject very difficult. [...]
    • Plan On Participating In National Marriage Week!
      National Marriage Week begins on February 7-14. The week is being promoted by National Marriage Week USA, headed by executive director Sheila Weber. Weber notes: Rebuilding our economy is tied to rebuilding marriages. Taxpayers spend at least $112 billion a year for divorce and unwed childbearing. Marriage brings vastly more financial stability [...]
    • Supreme Court Poised To End Homeowner’s Nightmare Story Of Alleged EPA Abuse
      An Idaho couple facing $37,500 per day in Environmental Protection Agency fines for building on what the agency says is a “wetland” had their day in court — the Supreme Court — on Jan. 9. And the tough questions leveled at the EPA’s attorney by nearly all the justices do [...]
    • School District Threatens Boy For Opposition To Gay Adoption
      Brandon Wegner is a 15-year-old student at Shawano High School in Wisconsin. He’s been threatened with suspension for writing an editorial in the school newspaper opposing gay adoption. Mat Staver, head of the Liberty Counsel has written letter to school superintendent Todd Carlson asking for an apology for the “unconstitutional and [...]
    • N.J. Gov. Christie Nominates Gay Black To State Supreme Court
      Chris Christie, who was elected as New Jersey governor on a conservative, reformist platform has decided he wants “diversity” on the state Supreme Court. He’s just nominated Bruce A. Harris, an openly homosexual black man to the high court. Harris was elected mayor of Chatham in November and is a lawyer [...]
    • This Is School Choice Week!
      An estimated 2,000 families gathered in New Orleans over the weekend to kick off “School Choice Week.” The week is being echoed in 400 other events in all 50 states. Comedian Bill Cosby supports School Choice. He noted: I strongly support National School Choice Week because all children in America should be [...]
    • Speaker Boehner Delivers Opening Remarks at the 39th March for Life
      Speaker Boehner: “America is an idea, and our duty is to preserve its blessings, the first and dearest of which is life.”   House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today delivered opening remarks at the 39th March for Life.  Following are Speaker Boehner’s remarks as [...]
    • Obama Gives Religious Groups Extension To Provide Free Contraception Services
      The dictatorial Obama Administration has given religious institutions an extra year to comply with a health care requirement that mandates the giving of free contraceptive services as part of health insurance plans. The forced contraceptive services rules were announced by Kathleen Sebelius last August. The Obama rule permits no religious exemptions — [...]
    • NBC Launches Another Raunchy Show
      NBC has done it again. It has just aired another raunchy show laced with sexual innuendos, lesbian kisses, drunkenness and premarital sex (which is a non-issue to NBC moguls). The latest bottom-of-the-barrel program is called “Are You There, Chelsea?,” which is loosely based on books by “comedian” Chelsea Handler. The official web [...]
    • Phony Mom’s Group Praises Lisa Jackson’s Anti-Energy Agenda
      A group called “MomsRising” has just released a press statement praising Lisa Jackson for her alleged efforts to protect children from mercury and arsenic poisoning. The organization presented her with thank you notes from families and children across the country. The group says it joined forces with Mocha Moms (a network [...]
    • Islamic Honor Killings On The Rise In West — CBN News
      Muslim women face brutal killings and mutilations if they adopt western ways or “dishonor” their Muslim brothers or fathers. Many choose to live in slavery or flee to other countries to gain freedom from Islamic oppression. To Muslim women, there is no such thing as religious liberty, the First Amendment [...]
    • Postmodern Political Correctness and Christianity II
      Author’s Note: Mike Adams will be speaking outside the Capitol Building in Denver at noon on January 21st for Colorado Right to Life (http://www.coloradorighttolife.org/). The speech will kick off the 2012 March for Life. The event is open to the public. In January 2009, a pro-life group at Spokane Falls Community [...]
    • Atheist Teen Wins Against Prayer Mural
      Jessica Ahlquist, a 16-year-old atheist has won a federal case against a prayer mural in a public high school in Cranston, Rhode Island. The ACLU, of course, defended her. She is a member of the Secular Student Alliance. She claimed to be offended and ostracized by the mural, which has been [...]
    • Supreme Court May Approve Lax Standards For Broadcast TV
      Pornographic images and rampant profanity may become normalized on broadcast television if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the major networks. The court heard arguments yesterday on FCC regulations that block nudity and profanity on the broadcast networks. No such regulations are in place for cable networks. A ruling is expected [...]
    • Federal Court Sides With Islamist Against Oklahoma Voters
      Three members of the Denver-based 10th Circuit Court of Appeals have ruled that Oklahoma cannot ban state courts from considering or using Sharia Law in their decisions. The federal judges have decided that banning Sharia would be discriminatory against religion. The court’s 37-page ruling stated: “While the public has an interest in [...]
    • LGBT Newspaper Details Romney’s Support Of Gay Agenda
      Bay Windows, an LGBT newspaper in Boston has posted a lengthy article on its site detailing Mitt Romney’s long-time support of the gay political agenda. The article notes that in 2002, the Romney for Governor Committee authorized campaign flyers that championed “gay pride.” In 1994, Romney wrote to the Massachusetts Log Cabin [...]
    • Thirty-Six Senators File Amicus Brief Against ObamaCare
      Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and 35 other Senators have filed an amicus brief at the Supreme Court on behalf of multi-state challenges to Obama’s socialist health care law. As McConnell writes: “Americans have been telling Washington for years now that they oppose a 2,700 page health spending bill [...]
    • Mayflies & Burying Beetles Threaten Our Energy Supply
      Reprinted from editorial on the EPAAbuse.com web site. If your head hasn’t exploded yet from reading our postings of the daily outrages of the EPA and the wacko environmentalists, this may do it. The EPA has brought surface mining to a halt in Appalachia, allegedly to protect the Mayfly. [...]
    • Greece Declares Pedophilia To Be A Disability
      CNSNews reports today that the government of Greece has decided to expand its list of state-recognized disability categories to include pedophiles, exhibitionists, pyromaniacs, compulsive gamblers, fetishists and sadomasochists. Greece appears to be returning to its pederasty roots in antiquity. The National Confederation of Disabled People called the action “incomprehensible.” Now, pedophiles will [...]
    • Gingrich Defends Marriage & Religious Liberty
      Last Thursday’s New Hampshire GOP debate included questions about homosexual marriages. Newt Gingrich described traditional marriage as the “core of our civilization” and an institution worth “protecting and upholding.” He continued: And I think protecting and upholding — that doesn’t mean you have to go out and make life miserable for others, [...]
    • Archie Comics Features Gay Wedding On Cover
      Archie Comics has come a long way in 70 years and its latest issue features a gay wedding on its cover. Archie, Vernonica and Betty were wholesome characters and part of our popular culture. But now, the comic series promotes the gay agenda. The comic features the wedding of Kevin Keller [...]
    • Catholic NGO At U.N. Fights For Pro-Life Causes — But With A Muslim Dilemma
      Austin Ruse, who heads up a Catholic NGO at the United Nations is on a quest to keep the U.N. from declaring abortion to be a human right. He is also fighting against “gender identity” issues – which would normalize cross-dressing and transsexualism as human rights. Many of his allies [...]
    • ADF Wins Pro-Life Victory For Nurses
      The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) has won a victory for pro-life nurses who were forced by their hospital to help with abortions. ADF lawyer Matt Bowman represented the nurses at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. According to Bowman: No pro-life medical personnel should be forced to assist or [...]
    • Pennsylvania Priest Indicted On Child Porn Charges
      The Rev. Bartley Sorensen, former pastor of St. John Fisher Church in Churchill near Pittsburgh, has been indicted for possession of child pornography. He is due in court this Friday on new federal charges. He already faces up to 20 years in prison for receiving child porn on his computer and [...]
    • Huffington Post Columnist Brags About LGBT Gains In 2011
      Christine C. Quinn, a columnist for the Huffington Post New York, has posted a column today on the gains the LGBT movement has made in 2011. She notes that in June, New York passed gay marriage legislation – passing with four Republican votes. In September, the 18-year-old Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) [...]
    • U.S. Supports U.N. Anti-Free Speech Plan
      The United States under President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is supporting a U.N. resolution (16/18) that seeks to limit freedom of speech if it is critical of Islam. The resolution is the brainchild of the Organization Of The Islamic Conference, a confederacy of 56 Islamic states. It will [...]
    • Parents – Have You Read Your Child’s Textbooks Lately?
      Taken from the Sharia Awareness Action Network site … Parents – Have You Read Your Child’s Textbooks Lately? Although it is hard to admit, parents are guilty of overlooking some of the “fine print” in life. The best-intended parents (myself included), who check homework, instill values, run soccer carpool, and tuck in [...]
    • Shroud Of Turin Appears To Be Genuine!
      Italian researchers are now saying that the famous Shroud of Turin, may not be a fake after all, but the genuine article. Apparently, researchers at Italy’s National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development believe their findings undermine previous theories that the shroud was faked during the medieval period. Last [...]
    • Penguins ‘Pray Away The Gay’
      Guess what? The “gay” penguins Buddy and Pedro at the Toronto Zoo are now eyeballing female penguins. Apparently they’re now “ex-gay” penguins, although gay activists won’t ever accept this fact. Matt Barber, writing in Christian News Today has more on this story: Famous “gay” penguins Buddy and Pedro from the Toronto Zoo [...]
    • CAIR Grills Candidates
      The Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is certainly bold. It is asking political candidates to answer 11 questions in its questionnaire for 2012. Warner Todd Huston notes: CAIR has devised 11 questions for the candidates so that they can “empower American Muslims by increasing their political capacity and presence.” Because, you [...]
    • Mississippi ‘Family Values’ Mayor Outed As Gay
      Greg Davis, the mayor of Southaven, Mississippi has been outed recently as a closeted gay. Davis expense accounts from a trip to Canada reveal that he spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on liquor, expensive dinners and a visit to a gay pornography store while on a trip to Canada where he [...]
    • Ohio Third-Grader Weighing 200 Pounds Placed in Foster Care
      An eight-year-old Ohio boy who weighs more than 200 pounds was taken from his family last month and placed in foster care after social workers said his mother was not doing enough to control his weight, The Plain Dealer reported. The third grader is considered severely obese by [...]
    • Starbucks, Levi urge gay ‘marriage’ recognition
      BOSTON — Some of the nation’s top companies such as Google, CBS, Starbucks and Nike have joined forces in a legal brief asking a federal court to force the federal government to recognize gay “marriage.” The friend-of-the-court brief asks the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals to [...]
    • Seven-year-old boy is now a Colorado Girl Scout
      The Colorado Girl Scouts have received a seven-year-old boy who lives as if he is a girl. The boy told Denver’s 9News that some of his favorite toys are “Bratz, Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake,” and said he likes playing with “any girl’s stuff.” The Girl Scouts initially rejected his request to join their [...]
    • Report: Mandatory Sex Ed Details May Be Too Racy for Parents
      Details about the new sex education curriculum in New York City public schools are out — and some are concerned the lessons are too racy. The New York Post obtained workbooks that will be used for the new recommended curriculum, which begins in middle schools and high schools [...]
    • Highschoolers horrified at gay male kiss in school play, while officials praise exposure
      HARTFORD, October 18, 2011 – Several students at a Hartford high school expressed horror and left the auditorium when two male members of a city-funded school play shared a passionate kiss onstage on Friday. School officials said they opted against informing parents about the event ahead of time, saying [...]
    • Joel Osteen on CNN: Homosexuality Will ‘Still Be a Sin in 200 Years’
      Megachurch preacher and bestselling author Joel Osteen, pressed by CNN’s Piers Morgan on his views regarding homosexuality, said Tuesday during an interview that his stance on the issue is grounded in the Bible, which he said will still present homosexuality as sin, even 200 years from now. The [...]
    • Why men are in trouble
      For the first time in history, women are better educated, more ambitious and arguably more successful than men. Now, society has rightly celebrated the ascension of one sex. We said, “You go girl,” and they went. We celebrate the ascension of women but what will we do about what [...]
    • Report: APA wants to destigmatize pedophilia
      Several well-known researchers recently made unexpected arguments on pedophilia at an academic conference in Baltimore. Liberty Counsel Action’s Matt Barber attended the conference and says he felt he was on a different planet, as the presenting professionals aimed to remove pedophilia from the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) [...]
    • The little boy who started a sex change aged eight because he (and his lesbian parents) knew he always wanted to be a girl
      Parents say it’s better for Thomas to have sex change before he is adult The lesbian parents of an 11-year-old boy who is undergoing the process of becoming a girl last night defended the decision, claiming it was better for a child to have a sex change when young. Thomas Lobel, who [...]
    • Some couples pull back from divorce
      They were a few steps shy of divorce, separated and working out child custody, when Rick DeRosia of Hartford, N.Y., realized he wasn’t so sure he really wanted a divorce. He says his 16-year marriage had been shaky before the separation in 2009, when he told his wife, Tina, [...]
    • Google Heavily Criticized For Its ‘Is My Son Gay?’ App For Android
      It’s true, there’s an app for even that. A new smart phone program promises to help parents determine their son’s sexuality in a modified version of “20 questions.” On Tuesday night, CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey took the app controversy to the experts, and you. Does your son like musical comedies, Madonna, or football? [...]
    • Rights Collide as Town Clerk Sidesteps Role in Gay Marriages
      LEDYARD, N.Y. — Rose Marie Belforti is a 57-year-old cheese maker, the elected town clerk in this sprawling Finger Lakes farming community and a self-described Bible-believing Christian. She believes that God has condemned homosexuality as a sin, so she does not want to sign same-sex marriage licenses; [...]
    • CNN: Why young Christians aren’t waiting anymore
      True love doesn’t wait after all. That’s the implication in the upcoming October issue of an evangelical magazine that claims that young, unmarried Christians are having premarital sex almost as much as their non-Christian peers. The article in Relevant magazine, entitled “(Almost) Everyone’s Doing It,” cited several studies examining the sexual [...]
    • LGBT Self-Identification: New Affirmative Action Category for Colleges?
      When Sandra Day O’Connor suggested an expiration date for the use of affirmative action in university admissions in 2003, her hope was that affirmative action would no longer be necessary in the future. “We expect that 25 years from now, the use of racial preferences will no [...]
    • Report Proves Planned Parenthood Targets Blacks, Hispanics
      A new reported issued by the pro-life group Life Dynamics proves that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry in the United States target black and Hispanic Americans by placing abortion facilities in communities with high minority populations. Titled, “Racial Targeting and Population Control,” the new report validates [...]
    • Census: South, West lead US in marriages, divorces
      WASHINGTON — Singles, take note: With marriages at an all-time low, states in the South and West rank among the highest for couples hearing wedding bells. But many of these states also have higher rates of divorce. The first-of-its-kind analysis by the Census Bureau, released Thursday, also [...]
    • Outrage: Not one Black American chosen (Sharpton, Farrakhan, Jackson, Waters et. al. silent on MLK)
      Martin Luther King Memorial Made in China It is perhaps a fitting tribute to racial co-operation. However, the decision to outsource to China the carving of a new national memorial to Martin Luther King has raised eyebrows in the United States. The 30ft-tall statue, which forms [...]