• Economy

    • We Need to Restore the Spirit of Capitalism
      President Barack Obama went to Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., this week to rearticulate his vision for the American economy and to reassure the American people that, yes, he knows what he is doing. The president’s prodigious political skills are always on display, even in the most challenging circumstances. He can take [...]
    • Obama’s policies have been a declaration of war on the middle class
      When Sen. John Kerry sought to unseat President George W. Bush eight years ago, journalist Thomas Frank thought he could help the challenger from Massachusetts. In a 2004 bestseller, What’s the Matter With Kansas?, Frank claimed Republicans were playing dirty tricks by leveraging cultural “wedge” issues to dupe voters in [...]
    • The Moral Case for Free Enterprise
      This is Arthur Brooks for Townhall.com. The United States is faced with two roads—the road to statism, and the road to the freedom or “free enterprise.” How do we help Americans understand that they must actively choose free enterprise and reject big government? Some say more forceful arguments—perhaps more data and [...]
    • Don’t raise the minimum wage
      The late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously observed that “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” It’s an admonition not taken particularly seriously by today’s political left. It embraces, extols and advocates ideas and policies based on what it wishes were true, [...]
    • Spiegel: Germans Increasingly Disillusioned with Obama
      Germans were ecstatic when Barack Obama took over the keys to the White House from George W. Bush. Now, though, a new Pew Research Center survey shows that disillusionment with the US president is widespread in Germany and that Obama has not lived up to the high [...]
    • Rep. Paul Ryan's budget is a moral budget
      Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., chairman of the House Budget Committee, provoked some angry pushback when he claimed that not only is his proposed sweeping revamp of the U.S. budget fiscally sound but also morally sound. In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Ryan said he drew inspiration [...]
    • How to keep the poor poor
      Media personality Tavis Smiley and Princeton philosophy professor Cornell West have just published their latest contribution to American poverty propaganda, “The Rich and the Rest of Us: A Poverty Manifesto.” The book should have a second subtitle: “How to keep the poor poor and blacks enslaved to government.” [...]