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    • Taliban “Inspired” by “Valued Guest” Bergdahl
      Because this is why you go to war, to inspire your enemies rather than to defeat them. A Time magazine article on the Bowe Bergdahl controversy quotes a Taliban commander as laughing at the question of whether the Taliban would now be inspired to start kidnapping Americans, and then saying “definitely.” This same Taliban commander also told Time, [...]
    • He Means to Sink Your Ship
      A story is told of a merciful captain of a ship: While a passing ship shot at the captain’s ship, the captain showed mercy on him, and warned him not to shoot again.  The passing ship shot at him again, but the kind captain did not retaliate.  His “mercy” [...]
    • When the law doesn’t uphold the law
      There is a contentious battle taking place between the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the White House over whether the Administration should give up information that could implicate it in the Justice Department’s gun running scheme that resulted in the murder of a Federal Agent. The man who [...]
    • Obama's real Hilary Rosen problem
      Spokespeople and pundits stick their foot in it all the time. But rarely do we see public relations heavy artillery brought out to do damage control to the extent provoked by Hilary Rosen’s recent remark that Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life.” President Barack Obama [...]
    • Obama makes foul call for economic 'fairness'
      You have got to give credit where credit is due. President Barack Obama has laid out the core message of his re-election campaign. It is a message whose claims are blatantly false and whose point is irrelevant to what is of greatest concern to Americans today. Despite this, there [...]
    • Obama's vision puts America last
      The theme that President Barack Obama gave to his State of the Union address was “An America Built to Last.” But his vision would be better described as “An America Built to Be Last.” As the president asked us to be patient and keep drinking the same Kool-Aid he’s been serving [...]