• Immigration

    • Real Immigration Reform
      For months now I have written extensively in numerous national publications about the treacherous legislation that is the “scamnesty” bill that passed out of the U.S. Senate last week. When you have a “gang” writing legislation you get gangster government just like this. All of the people — and by all I mean all– claiming [...]
    • Immigration reform may bring sinister new government database
      It’s not some fanciful George Orwell-like conjecture: Buried in the more than 800 pages of the bipartisan legislation is language mandating the creation of a “photo tool.” While sounding harmless, the tool is in fact a massive federal database administered by the Department of Homeland Security. The database would contain [...]
    • Bradlee Dean: Crimes of the Illegals
      “If we would reach a degree of civilization higher and grander than any yet attained, we should welcome to our ample continent all nations, kindreds [sic] tongues and peoples; and as fast as they learn our language and comprehend the duties of citizenship, we should incorporate them into the American [...]
    • Comprehensive Reform Must Include Guestworkers
      The word comprehensive is usually attached to current references to immigration reform, but the Gang of Eight’s bill is stumbling over reform of guestworkers. That’s the biggest bone of contention between pro-amnesty and anti-amnesty folk. The highly paid lobbyists assigned to this issue are split. Big business interests (chanting “let the [...]
    • Roadblocks Blocking Amnesty
      The amnesty bill that the Gang of Eight has been working on in secret has sprung some leaks so we can identify several major flaws. The Senate Budget Committee reports that there is nothing in the plan to comply with the federal law that states that any immigrant is “inadmissible” [...]
    • Reject Gang of 8 Immigration Reform Deal
      A bi-partisan group of Senators, known as the Gang of 8, have put together a framework for the immigration reform that supposedly America is waiting for. Provisions of the agreement have been widely leaked and, from what I see, these Senators should return to the drawing board. If we are going to [...]
    • Rules for Addressing Amnesty
      Republicans are getting a lot of unsolicited advice about how to recover from last year’s defeat, and most of it is either ignorant or coming from people who don’t have Republican Party victories in their game plan. One of the worst of these bits of advice is that Republicans should [...]
    • The Dream Act Is a Nightmare
      “Mr. President, why do you favor foreign workers over Americans?” That was the obvious question Barack Obama refused to answer when a reporter, doing his job, sought an answer rather than a canned teleprompter presentation. That is, indeed, the question that begs for an answer. And Obama simply [...]
    • Nashville Police Face Increasing Crime Wave From Kurdish Muslim Gangs
      Nashville, Tennessee has the largest population of Kurdish refugees in the U.S. An unintended consequence of the influx of Kurdish refugees has resulted in the formation of Kurdish gang warfare in the city. On June 5, the Nashville Police filed a civil lawsuit to get back control of an area in [...]
    • Obama DOJ Sues Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio
      The Obama Administration hates Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Why? Because he’s aggressive prosecuting illegal aliens and has more recently conducted an investigation into the Obama birth certificate controversy. The Obama DOJ, under racist Attorney General Eric Holder (who is on the verge of being held in contempt of Congress for his [...]
    • Republican challenge with blacks and Hispanics
      National Journal’s Ron Brownstein provided an eye-opening reminder in a recent column about the impact of changing ethnic demographics on America’s political landscape. The flashing red light of Brownstein’s message is pointed to the Republican Party. America is changing inexorably into a country that is less and less white [...]