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    • Vice President Biden Gets His Marriage Advice From ‘Will & Grace’
      Regrettably, our current Vice President, Joe Biden has never had the reputation of being a deep thinker and his gaffes are legendary. This recent incident wins the prize for the most outrageous statement he’s ever made. While being interviewed on “Meet the Press,” VP Biden credited the defunct pro-gay show “Will & [...]
    • Michelle Malkin Calls For Boycott Of ‘Progressive’ Appeasers
      Columnist Michelle Malkin is calling for a boycott of companies that have recently caved to the demands of leftist organizations. Currently, the far left – or as they call themselves – “progressives” — have launched a campaign against companies that help fund the American Legislative Exchange Council, a free-market organization that [...]
    • Santorum: What Kind Of Future Do I Want?
      By Rick Santorum What type of future do I want for my children and future grandchildren?  I do not wish for them a future with a financially unsustainable, cradle-to-grave dependency on the federal government. Rather, I wish for those I love so much a future where the federal government encourages and [...]
    • Premeditated Murder Of Newborn Babies Justified As Morally Equivalent To Abortion
      By Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) Late last month, two bioethicists—Dr. Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva—published an outrageous “paper” in the Journal of Medical Ethics justifying the deliberate, premeditated murder of newborn babies during the first days and weeks after birth. Giubilini and Minerva wrote “when circumstances occur after birth that would have [...]
    • Obama’s Stupid Moves Harm American Businesses
      By Fred Weinberg Reprinted from the Western Journalism Center Over the years, it has been my privilege to own a few airplanes. Under the right circumstances, they are tremendous business tools. All but one of those aircraft were proudly manufactured in Wichita, Kansas by Americans who were skilled machinists, and held the high [...]
    • Mayflies & Burying Beetles Threaten Our Energy Supply
      Reprinted from editorial on the EPAAbuse.com web site. If your head hasn’t exploded yet from reading our postings of the daily outrages of the EPA and the wacko environmentalists, this may do it. The EPA has brought surface mining to a halt in Appalachia, allegedly to protect the Mayfly. [...]
    • The Torah’s take on social justice
      Everybody has an opinion on how the country’s economy should improve, just ask Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, whose committee is busy hearing testimonies and suggestions from the public and experts, as well as reading over a thousand written opinions. One such document received by his team on Thursday [...]
    • How Does a Culture of Life Take Root?
      Veterans of the summer lawn wars dream of a world where crab grass and spurge retreat before advancing Zoysia, and rose bushes choke ivy off the trellis. Does the Garden ever overtake the Wilderness? In law and culture, as in all spheres of life, the “natural order” tends always [...]
    • Was The American Revolution A Violation Of Romans 13:1-7?
      The American Revolutionary War was a pivotal event in world history, and the representative democracy that followed has produced the freest, most productive society ever. No one can deny that most of the Founding Fathers were religious men or that the liberty they fought for has [...]