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    • The Morning Brief: October 17 - 17 Oct 2012
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      It was a draw. And by “draw” I mean Mitt Romney really lost. He lost a golden opportunity to put the nail in the Obama campaign’s coffin. Since the primary subject matter of this second Presidential  debate was the economy and jobs and Obama’s record is abysmal on both, Romney [...]

    • Dealing with Obamacare - 15 Oct 2012
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      “There are going to be consequences,” was the response by a Washington D.C. law employment attorney when asked about how the federal government will deal with businesses that do what they can to avoid the insurance mandate in Obamacare set to take effect in 2014. Businesses are saying that there [...]

    • When a president assaults America’s military! - 09 Oct 2012
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      “Freedom has a taste to those who fight and almost die, that the protected will never know.” – Inscription on the wall of a prison camp for POWs Since Obama took his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, he has not only battered [...]

    • Obama’s Poor Debate: The Affirmative Action President Exposed. - 09 Oct 2012
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      If I were a part of the brain-dead racist herd of African-Americans who voted for Obama solely because he is black and celebrated him winning the presidency, I would feel pretty betrayed and embarrassed by Obama’s debate performance. I mean, after all, we were told by the MSM and the [...]

    • As the Debates Begin… - 04 Oct 2012
      posted in SRN Radio

      On Tuesday Vice President Biden said the following: “This is deadly earnest. How they can justify—how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that’s been buried the last four years.” That is a bazaar bit of candor wrapped in a lie. Mitt Romney doesn’t want to raise taxes [...]

    • Obama’s policies have been a declaration of war on the middle class - 02 Oct 2012
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      When Sen. John Kerry sought to unseat President George W. Bush eight years ago, journalist Thomas Frank thought he could help the challenger from Massachusetts. In a 2004 bestseller, What’s the Matter With Kansas?, Frank claimed Republicans were playing dirty tricks by leveraging cultural “wedge” issues to dupe voters in [...]

    • Morning Brief: October 2, 2012 - 02 Oct 2012
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      Media Hits Back at Conservative Scoffers It’s becoming apparent the mainstream media has about had it with conservatives calling their pro-Obama polling biased, and an attempt to engineer a self-fulfilling prophecy. In this piece from Politico, analysts from both sides of the aisle come to the defense of mainstream media [...]

    • Bad Facts about Obama’s Prospects - 28 Sep 2012
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      Although the polls show the presidential campaigns neck and neck, the facts continue to look negative for Barack Obama. Two-thirds of the American people say they believe the United States is going in the wrong direction, and changing the occupant of the White House is the only way to reverse [...]

    • Pushing the Game “Forward” - 25 Sep 2012
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      Obama’s predecessor, Franklin Roosevelt, stated, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” It was headlined this week by the state-run media propagandists that, “Obama’s lead poises test for Romney.” The report began, “A presidential race that has been neck and [...]

    • A time for truth, not word games - 24 Sep 2012
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      Perhaps now, in the wake of the heat that Mitt Romney is taking over the leaked 4-month-old “47 percent” video, he can better appreciate the position of Todd Akin, the conservative Missouri congressman running for U.S. Senate. Romney is being accused of writing off “47 percent” of voters as not [...]