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    • The Morning Brief: October 17 - 17 Oct 2012
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      It was a draw. And by “draw” I mean Mitt Romney really lost. He lost a golden opportunity to put the nail in the Obama campaign’s coffin. Since the primary subject matter of this second Presidential  debate was the economy and jobs and Obama’s record is abysmal on both, Romney [...]

    • Pushing the Game “Forward” - 25 Sep 2012
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      Obama’s predecessor, Franklin Roosevelt, stated, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” It was headlined this week by the state-run media propagandists that, “Obama’s lead poises test for Romney.” The report began, “A presidential race that has been neck and [...]

    • Bishop Jackson calls for a Democrat Exodus: Join Him Today at Noon - 25 Sep 2012
      posted in Friends of CRA

      We are still waiting for confirmation of our guest for tomorrow’s call, but I wanted to take this time to remind everyone to be there. There will be a follow-up reminder with more information this evening or first thing tomorrow morning. My message to the Christian community, especially the black [...]

    • A time for truth, not word games - 24 Sep 2012
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      Perhaps now, in the wake of the heat that Mitt Romney is taking over the leaked 4-month-old “47 percent” video, he can better appreciate the position of Todd Akin, the conservative Missouri congressman running for U.S. Senate. Romney is being accused of writing off “47 percent” of voters as not [...]

    • Where Campaign 2012 Stands With Less Than 50 Days to Go - 21 Sep 2012
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      At 9 a.m. eastern time on September 18th, the Real Clear Politics polling average gave President Obama a 3-point edge over Mitt Romney, and a 7-point edge in favorability. RCP also gives Obama at least a 1.5-point edge in all three of the most vital battleground states: Florida, Ohio, and [...]

    • The Godless Democrats - 18 Sep 2012
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      …I’m more worried about the “home team” than the Dems. For years Americans have been living large, to a great extent — since the 50′s and 60′s — our nation has lived life without having to think about God. This historically, distinct Christian nation has lost its bearings, its witness [...]

    • An alternative to Democrats’ moral bankruptcy - 11 Sep 2012
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      Maybe Democrats have some slick salesmen, like Bill Clinton and our current president, who can sell you swampland and have you convinced that you’ve bought choice beachfront property. But the omission of any mention of God and recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital from the Democratic Party platform, which were [...]

    • Senate Dems Take Time to Consider ‘Gender Identity’ in the Workplace - 13 Jun 2012
      posted in Culture & Lifestyle & National & Politics & Government & Sex

      Democrats on the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee took time on Tuesday to hear from advocates of “workplace fairness” legislation, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). The bill, which has no chance of passing in the current Congress, would outlaw job discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. [...]

    • Democrat-Controlled Senate Votes Against First Amendment - 02 Mar 2012
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      Yesterday, the U.S. Senate, controlled by Democrats, voted against the Blunt Amendment designed to protect religious liberty and conscience in ObamaCare. The Blunt Amendment would have prohibited the Obama Administration from forcing religious institutions/individuals and individuals with conscience objections to provide contraceptives or other pro-abortion related services as part of [...]

    • Ron Paul Got More Democrat Than GOP Votes In NH Primary - 12 Jan 2012
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      Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh analyzed the impact that libertarian Ron Paul is having on the nomination process for the GOP. According to Limbaugh, in New Hampshire, anyone can vote in a primary. It turns out that Ron Paul had more Democrat votes than Republican votes. Why? Because Democrats want to keep [...]