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    • A Bizarre Debate - 15 Oct 2012
      posted in Politics & Government & SRN Radio

      Vice President Joe Biden turned in one of the most bizarre performances in a national debate when he faced off against Congressman Paul Ryan in the presidential campaign’s sole meeting between the running mates. Obnoxious, bizarre, rude, condescending, these are typical reactions from commentators and Fox News’ Brit Hume summed [...]

    • As the Debates Begin… - 04 Oct 2012
      posted in SRN Radio

      On Tuesday Vice President Biden said the following: “This is deadly earnest. How they can justify—how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that’s been buried the last four years.” That is a bazaar bit of candor wrapped in a lie. Mitt Romney doesn’t want to raise taxes [...]

    • Hitting Mute - 02 Oct 2012
      posted in Politics & Government & SRN Radio

      Mitt Romney’s campaign is out with a new campaign ad titled “Mute Button” which relays Bob Woodward’s reporting that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid actually mute the president during conference calls so they can continue on their conversations without the president hearing what they have to say. Apparently they didn’t [...]

    • “Some Degree” of Responsibility - 26 Sep 2012
      posted in SRN Radio

      This is Hugh Hewitt for Townhall.com. President Obama gave an interview to 60 Minutes on Sunday night that should shock every American for at least two reasons. First, the president not only referred to Israel as just quote: “one of our best allies in the region” but he also branded [...]

    • In the Face of Mob Violence… - 17 Sep 2012
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      This is Hugh Hewitt for Townhall.com. As the mob violence and street protests across the Muslim world began to erupt last week, mainstream media fans of the president took to criticizing Mitt Romney’s response—rather than focusing on the mayhem gripping the region and our limp-wristed response to the brutal murder [...]

    • What Future for Medicare? - 24 Aug 2012
      posted in SRN Radio

      This is Hugh Hewitt for Townhall.com. Paul Ryan’s mom may not have expected to be a national figure, but she is now. That’s because she is on Medicare and her son, the GOP nominee for Vice President, has no intention of changing the program for her or anyone else 55 [...]

    • All of the Above - 22 Aug 2012
      posted in SRN Radio

      This is Hugh Hewitt for Townhall.com Those were coal miners lining up at the rally for Mitt Romney in Ohio this past weekend, and if you missed the video or a picture, go and Google “coal miners and Mitt.” It was a dramatic scene. These miners are hardworking providers of [...]