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    • A Bizarre Debate - 15 Oct 2012
      posted in Politics & Government & SRN Radio

      Vice President Joe Biden turned in one of the most bizarre performances in a national debate when he faced off against Congressman Paul Ryan in the presidential campaign’s sole meeting between the running mates. Obnoxious, bizarre, rude, condescending, these are typical reactions from commentators and Fox News’ Brit Hume summed [...]

    • Morning Brief: October 12 - 12 Oct 2012
      posted in Morning Brief

      Paul Ryan won. Not only is that my opinion, but it seems to be the general consensus among everyone who does not pray to someone named Marx, Mao, or Che, or who doesn’t draw a paycheck from the DNC. Even CNN grudgingly admits it with their numbers, although their headline [...]

    • Paul Ryan: Contraception Requirement Would Be Reversed on “Day One” - 28 Sep 2012
      posted in Health & Life & Marriage & Family & Politics & Government

      Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan on Saturday derided President Obama’s space program and called his administration’s requirement that hospitals and universities, including Catholic ones, be required to offer contraception an “assault on religious liberty.” Ryan promised at a town hall meeting in Orlando that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney [...]

    • Mr Ryan Goes To Washington - 31 Aug 2012
      posted in Contributor & Politics & Government

      Paul Ryan’s VP nomination acceptance speech was the voice of We The People. While on vacation at a Gulf Coast condo, the owner of the building looked me in the eye and said, “Lloyd, as a nation, we need to BELIEVE again. We need to believe that the people we [...]

    • Parker: America ready for Paul Ryan’s adult conversation - 23 Aug 2012
      posted in Contributor

      There’s a line of thinking on the political left that Mitt Romney served up a great softball in picking Paul Ryan as his running mate. According to Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page, “Ryan brings to the Romney campaign the Tea Party’s style of magical thinking, a blissfully simplistic, ideologically driven [...]

    • Rep. Paul Ryan Voted Conservative Of The Year – Human Events - 22 Dec 2011
      posted in Politics & Government

      Human Events, one of the oldest conservative newspapers in the country, has just named Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan as “Conservative of the Year.” The honor goes to Ryan for his “bold, free-market reforms to rein in an out-of-control, ever-expanding government that is destroying the American economy,” says Lawrence Kudlow. [...]