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    • The Morning Brief: October 17 - 17 Oct 2012
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      It was a draw. And by “draw” I mean Mitt Romney really lost. He lost a golden opportunity to put the nail in the Obama campaign’s coffin. Since the primary subject matter of this second Presidential  debate was the economy and jobs and Obama’s record is abysmal on both, Romney [...]

    • Paul Ryan: Contraception Requirement Would Be Reversed on “Day One” - 28 Sep 2012
      posted in Health & Life & Marriage & Family & Politics & Government

      Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan on Saturday derided President Obama’s space program and called his administration’s requirement that hospitals and universities, including Catholic ones, be required to offer contraception an “assault on religious liberty.” Ryan promised at a town hall meeting in Orlando that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney [...]

    • Where Campaign 2012 Stands With Less Than 50 Days to Go - 21 Sep 2012
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      At 9 a.m. eastern time on September 18th, the Real Clear Politics polling average gave President Obama a 3-point edge over Mitt Romney, and a 7-point edge in favorability. RCP also gives Obama at least a 1.5-point edge in all three of the most vital battleground states: Florida, Ohio, and [...]

    • Are Republicans Nullifying Conservatives Where You Live? - 21 Jun 2012
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      My home state of Iowa was one of several in 2010 that swept out of office an ineffective liberal Democrat (apologies for the redundancy) and replaced him with a Republican. However, the government my state is currently getting from its new Republican governor looks eerily similar to the sort of [...]

    • Liberals' recent victories fuel Santorum surge - 17 Feb 2012
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      A succession of high-profile left-wing decisions and initiatives in recent weeks drive home the extent to which the left is changing the face of America. Notable among these are the decision by a federal appeals court in California to uphold a lower court’s finding of the state’s Proposition 8 — [...]

    • New One-Stop Site for Live Video of House Committee Hearings - 07 Feb 2012
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      From Speaker of the House John Boehner’s web site — New resources for keeping informed on legislative issues: Now you can find live video from House committee hearings all on one simple website. The House Administration Committee and Library of Congress have joined forces on a new transparency project to: [...]

    • Republicans Rip Obama Over Abortion, ‘War On Religion’ At South Carolina Debate - 18 Jan 2012
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      LifeSiteNews.com reports on Monday’s Republican debate at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. Texas Governor Rick Perry declared that “This administration is at war with organized religion.” Rick Santorum was cheered when he expressed support for marriage and criticized Obama’s opposition to abstinence-only education. Mitt Romney claimed to be pro-life and [...]