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    • Mark Sanford, Welcome Back to Washington - 20 May 2013
      posted in Contributor

      Put me down as happy to see former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford coming back to Washington. He handily defeated Elizabeth Colbert Busch in Tuesday’s special election for a House seat he himself once held. I hope he brings his piglets with him. Once as governor, Sanford showed up at [...]

    • Planned Parenthood Targets Black Women - 07 May 2013
      posted in Contributor & Life

      In 1854, Abraham Lincoln confronted America’s first “pro-choice” Senator, Stephen Douglas, in a speech in Peoria, Illinois. “Choice” then was about slavery, not abortion. Douglas sponsored the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which addressed the sticky question of how to deal with the legality of slavery in new territories entering the union. The [...]

    • On the Road to Death Panels - 15 Oct 2012
      posted in Contributor

      With the first presidential debate and the only vice-presidential debate behind us, it seems pretty clear that so-called “social issues” are not going to get much attention in this year’s presidential politics. It’s unfortunate, I think. We deceive ourselves to permit the assumption that values and behavior are not the [...]

    • To promote freedom abroad, practice it here - 01 Oct 2012
      posted in Contributor & Lifestyle & Politics & Government & Property

      Baseball player Yogi Berra once said, “You can see a lot just by looking” — simple wisdom that President Barack Obama is not likely to heed. In order to see, you have to want to look at the truth that’s actually out there. — With reality so different from how [...]

    • A time for truth, not word games - 24 Sep 2012
      posted in Contributor & Politics & Government

      Perhaps now, in the wake of the heat that Mitt Romney is taking over the leaked 4-month-old “47 percent” video, he can better appreciate the position of Todd Akin, the conservative Missouri congressman running for U.S. Senate. Romney is being accused of writing off “47 percent” of voters as not [...]

    • Chicago Strike Tells Us Answer Is School Choice - 17 Sep 2012
      posted in Contributor & Education

      It says something about today’s public education reality that the two sides in the teachers’ union dispute in Chicago are the union and the mayor. Allegedly, the point of schools is to educate children. But which side in this dispute has sole interest in children and their parents? The answer, [...]

    • An alternative to Democrats’ moral bankruptcy - 11 Sep 2012
      posted in Contributor & Immorality & Politics & Government

      Maybe Democrats have some slick salesmen, like Bill Clinton and our current president, who can sell you swampland and have you convinced that you’ve bought choice beachfront property. But the omission of any mention of God and recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital from the Democratic Party platform, which were [...]

    • Republicans cannot duck the abortion issue - 24 Aug 2012
      posted in Contributor & Life & Marriage & Family & Media & Politics & Government

      Republican Party operatives, who wasted no time indicting their Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin for his interview faux pas on abortion, may bear more responsibility than Akin himself for the mess that has been created. Akin’s statement, suggesting low probability of conception in cases of ‘legitimate rape,” was barely [...]

    • Parker: America ready for Paul Ryan’s adult conversation - 23 Aug 2012
      posted in Contributor

      There’s a line of thinking on the political left that Mitt Romney served up a great softball in picking Paul Ryan as his running mate. According to Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page, “Ryan brings to the Romney campaign the Tea Party’s style of magical thinking, a blissfully simplistic, ideologically driven [...]

    • Don’t raise the minimum wage - 19 Jun 2012
      posted in Contributor & Economy & Politics & Government & States

      The late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously observed that “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” It’s an admonition not taken particularly seriously by today’s political left. It embraces, extols and advocates ideas and policies based on what it wishes were true, regardless of how [...]